One Day at a time…

I am wide awake while reasonable people are fast asleep. Well i took a 10 minute nap at about 4.30pm. My husband has warned me against doing this as it seems like its a new past time.  It has happened everyday in the last two to 3 weeks.

So i decided to let go of fizzy drinks aka soft aka minerals all  better known as Soda by my American peeps. I said i was going to start on April 1st, i made the decision on March 29th or so, but i havent had a “drink” since the 30th. So technically its been 2 days.  Why is this an achievement you are wondering? Well i have a sugar addiction, and high sugar drinks give me a quick high.

I have 2 cases of 24 pack fanta and fayrouz in the kitchen. I also have 2 or so cases of lacasera left that i “boosted” from my parents house. During the traditional wedding time in october, folks were giving my parents ridiculous amounts of drinks and water, and like the omoluabi i am, i probably loaded my own 20 cases of different things into my car. Dont worry i have a jeep my shocks were fine.

Sugar in general is a problem for me. While i strongly believe i have low blood sugar – i refuse to be tested because  if its not true i have no excuse to keep consuming that much sugar. So i have decided to keep my food intake honest in God’s eyes. So i am eliminating sodas completely from my life. God help me, i walk around now with my sachets and small bottles of crystal light (i have like 10 different brands to be frank), i have a lot of that from all my random trips to “the overseas”. So now its to order water and make my own drink.

My consumption of candy isnt bad. I am not crazy about chocolate per say, just from time to time. But i love yam, plantain and sweet potatoes which all have something in common – sugar. So i have decided to make more salads in the house for our meals. I also cooked some kidney peas soup today, will be taking some to my mom when i go visit her. For once i didnt put in any yams and potatoes, just dumplings. My mom loves it but never has the patience to make it, and my dad is a real Yoruba man, so he will ask for the rest of the food after the soup. I am looking forward to having some tomorrow for dinner. I have a new habit of making my own salad dressing and chicken dips now.

I think my husband is “foreign”…he likes all my Jamo/ non-Nigerian meals. I have on my agenda for friday beef patties. Already cooked up the beef today just gotta make the dough and roll it out.

I have in mind to make mango coconut air fried chicken on saturday with sweet potatoes along with a mango onion salad with mango chutney . Hell Mango is in season why not? Sad thing is after making all these things, i have no desire to eat the food because of how much time i have spent with it. And growing up with an “oyibo” mother i feel cheated when it comes to amala and co. So i just let my housekeeper store amala for me and let my husband eat the resturant style food. Lol.

What food struggles do you have? I need to know i am not weird all the way.



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  1. I really do not have any food addictions. Used to be more of a glutton in my younger days, hence now I’m more of an ‘ecletic’ person when it comes to foods. I so love varieties. Just have some favorites – Swallow (Amala and Pounded Yam), Cereals (Golden Morn, frosties, etc), vegetables (any depending on the swallow), Rice (Jollof and Plain), Yam and of course well cooked party rice.

    I don’t enjoy sugars so much seeing that most staple foods in this part of the world is carbohydrates (basically sugars). Also I believe I am prone to high blood sugar which is unhealthy and for better sexual performance.


    • LMAO! The only thing i read in this comment is “better sexual performance”. You come across as someone who doesn’t think of such stuff.. lol Is that sugar and performance thing real?

      PS: I’m not a bad girl *covers face* I’m just really really bored 🙂


    • The only foods that sounded familiar out of all you mentioned are Yam, Potatoes and amala. Mango coconut air fried chicken sounds so delicious, I’m drooling already.

      I like food a lot, and as such, I’m very adventurous with food. I’d eat anything as far as other peeps are eating it and not dropping dead or puking from it.

      Food struggles.. I started eating breakfast in February and I cant seem to stop no matter how much I want to (cos I’m adding weight). The weight is not so much but if I continue like this, I’d be looking at a wardrobe change by June and I like my size very much. The morning huger pangs are something else and I need them to stop.

      Now sugar.. my love for sugar knows no bounds. I take fizzy drinks almost everyday, sometimes 2 a day. I think I’m addicted to the stuff. I’d go a day without it and then congratulate myself the next day with a bottle of coke or smoov. I know its bad and I’m prone to high blood sugar but it doesn’t stop me at all.


      • I think of a lot of stuff and health is a priority in my thoughts and actions. As to your question, I can’t really be certain but such notion is widely held in the medical circles and most of the effects in poor choice of food tend to happen in later years and are more complicated to deal with at such time. Like is said, prevention is better than cure.

        Surprisingly cutting down on fizzy drinks, artificial sweetners, sugars wasn’t so difficult for me. It just took an understanding of my new choice and looking for good alternatives in fruits, honey, vegetables etc which also have the added advantage of being a healthier choice


  2. Food addictions….., erm…… no. You’re normal.

    Pink, I’m coming to your house on Saturday. After reading, my taste buds have got to work on that.


  3. Happy New Month Everyone! as i get older, i’ve started loving the foods i hated as a child e.g swallow. i’ve also slowed down on my sugar intake, frizzy drinks are once in a while, i guess its old age.


  4. I used to be like you Pynk, when it came to sugar. But for about a year I’ve been surprising myself…take soda just about 1ce in 2 months…and that’s mostly when I can’t get food.
    I’m happy! I’ve also greatly increased my water intake consciously- at worst 6 glasses/ day.
    My food addiction is Plantain! And no, I won’t be repentant about it 😀


  5. My addiction…. fizzy drinks! that’s like my only unhealthy addiction. But iv cut down on it drastically… Yay me!!! and it has really helped me lose some weight! *glory to God* errr Ice cream too is another but it’s not soo bad…. I will get there too. I noticed that since I cut down on my sugar intake… iv been losing weight. And it makes me really happy. *smile*


  6. My food addiction is pounded yam, plantain and now sweet potatoes.

    I don’t mean poundo yam o, it’s the original.

    I’m trying to come up with a realistic and very healthy food timetable. I am tired of the regulars:

    Rice, beans, yam, eba…etc.
    If I had the extra dough, I’d just get a chef already. The thought of preparing the meal or even thinking of what to prepare. Can be sooo depressing.

    Married woman things.


  7. chukwukadibia // April 5, 2015 at 04:23 // Reply

    What are the steps to take to build back a low self esteem?? Any books to read? Reasonable and realistic steps to take??


    • Hi Chukwukadibia, you can start witht eh bible. Download the bible app – you version and search for plans, under plans you can pick the ones thatbapply to you. Also books by Joyce Meyer etc are very helpful. However i strongly believe that understanding that you were made perfectly and you are enough is the key step . hence the recommendation of the bible- however do it through plans.


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