Happy April

Hi everyone. Its a new month, aand a new dawn  for Nigeria….Buhari/APC was declared as the president elect and GEJ has conceded defeat. In terms of peace, this is good for all. In terms of our daily lives, not much is going to change off the top and even if it does, change does take time.

A few things i learnt from the elections

1. Never take people for granted. He who you ignored might be the one to determine you fate further down. PDP took Nigerians for granted on the whole and they are licking their wounds.

2. Some promises will be just that, promises. Many people have shouted change, but i am waiting to see the change. Half of APC is former PDP. change also doesnt happen overnight. Also given the clime in Nigeria, change is a bit far..just the operating environment is a mess.

3. Nigerians are not sleeping dogs. Any other elections contested after this is simply by the people. We have tasted to a certain amount the power of the collective and going forward will insist on it.

4. Failure is part of the journey to success. Madness is often repeating the same stunt over and over again, however when it yields  success the madness now becomes success. Buhari  did it on the fourth try. I am sure his wife and family were tired of his stunts. Have you bee  trying to do the same thing for the last few years and no result or minimal result? I am laughing because i am currently in this position with my school. So you see some days i am confused, some days i am convinced, some days i feel defeated. Some days when people say “oh i thougt you were starting a school” and almost 2 years since my initial declaration i have nothing but a room full of childrens furniture to show for it, i am embarrassed to say i am working on 2016. As crazy as it sounds, i have simply stopped thinking about what to tell people. And i just keep facing my front, my thought process is, it will happen. When exactly? Only God knows.

5. I learnt Nigerians are still very much attached to religion and ethnicity. When PDP complained about the Northern states results and the South East and South South produced similar results i simply laughed. Does it mean the Yorubas are the least partisan ethnic group?  In no one Yoruba state was the difference in APC vs PDP votes enough to create a new country – all less than a 300 thousand difference.

6. As an applied mathematician i would like to see the actual results based on demographics. Male/ female, income levels etc. It will eliminate a lot of bad planning and misappropriation of funding.

7. Electronic voting is the way forward for 2019. We dont want any paper ballots. Electronic voting can help us gather good information on everything about the adult population of this country…we dont need PVCs, all we need are state level ID cards with our version of social security numbers etc.

I congratulate all my fellow Nigerians on the victory – not of APC, but of our  voices as a collective. No longer will politicians deprive us of our basic rights and assume that giving us indomie, gala and rice will make us vote a certain way after they have violated our fundamental rights.



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  1. I wondered if all the people shouting change didn’t notice that half of APC are ex PDP members. I have seen pictures of children posing with their PVC in the north. They voted o! ! I just hope that all promises made during campaign will be fulfilled.


  2. Happy new month everyone… Finally we get to see the end of the much awaited election,I’m glad we can finally breathe.
    People’s opinion shouldn’t matter in terms of decision making or trying to achieve a long term goal,I have been trying to start my NGO since 2011 but so many factors keep holding me back,that doesn’t mean I will listen to what people feel about it,I have a vision about something and until I see it come to reality,I won’t rest. So please work with your pace and even if they keep asking just tell them you are working on it,its not how far but how well. Don’t be ashamed of what you believe in,stumbling blocks are there so you have something to talk about in the future.


  3. 🙂 Happy April! I’m glad it’s over now. It’s time to see how Buhari will do.


  4. Happy April. All valid learning points you highlighted. As concerning your school, perhaps you can intimate us on what exactly is forestalling its start. We might be able to provide viable solutions. I’m certain we (I) would like to see the school commence.


    • Chris thanks for the encouragement. Ots really only God that can fulfill one of the conditions. The other factors are being worked on as we speak.


  5. Starting a project is always very tough, the end result will eventually show you why those set backs where indeed mere obstacles to learn from.

    The. Most important thing is to hold on to the dream and vision.

    We are praying for you. Let’s know how we can help too. You never know. !!b


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