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Happy monday folks. Eku election like my Yoruba cousins would say. E de ku election Results. I will dedicate a whole post to that when the collation is completed. Watching it as I blog now.

Anyways everybody knows the Jamaican song.. all ah di woman dem big big up, all ah di girls dem big up big, big up if you know say you sexy etc. Today’s post is about people who big up themselves. We all know some of those, people  who are quick to tell you how rich they are, how much money they are making, how many designer bags they own etc, without the conversation being related to current topic.

We all know them and i personally dont trust the ones i know. Same way i dont trust loved up couples on instagram i dont trust this group of people. So back to the reason for this post…one uncle agbaya just turned 40, and he was telling his interns at work how much he makes and blah blah blah. First of all negro you live in a rented apartment which your company pays for, please brag about buying property which he hasnt obviously done..he would have bragged about that. This same guy would shout about how he was flying business class, but the interns besto worked at the airline- he was almost always in economy.

Now the crux of the post…the older i get, the more i realise we dont and cant all have the same standards for our lives. Lagos turns a lot of normal seeming people into lunatics Aka fake it till you make it and many never qyite make it. And you find because these people are so caught up with being in, they lead fraudulent lifestyles and end up hustling sideways till they die. Those people who are tagged “socialites” because nobody knows what they really do. These socialites are often in debt, and have very little tangible assets.

I learnt very early that the less people hear of you, the better for you unless you are in show business of course. Simply do what it is you believe  you should be doing and the right recognition will come your way.

Those are my thoughts for now.

PS: i want to do a weird giveaway. A business plan for a small business.  To help someone put their numbers together as a workable document.  If you have been considering starting a business, leave your email address and business sector eg – liquid soap, pure water etc. Indicate in one sentence why you want to start the business. Also adviseable for you to have done your leg work – industry knowledge, pricing etc. The only excluded sector is education…. allow for about 3 weeks for the plan to be completed. About 20 pages. Serious entries only please. I will close this entry on Saturday.



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  1. Lagosians are very good at “bigging up”. Used to be one of them, I’m not even sure I’ve completely outgrown it yet but boasting about your “wealth” when you’re not Otedola or Aliko rich is just funny.

    In the church I attended on Sunday, the pastor said something, he said only people who are immature spiritually get/build their self esteem from material things such as physical wealth, designer blah blah, etc. That statement struck me and has been ringing in my head since then. He said a lot but this isn’t a church post 🙂

    Its good to aspire to be better and work hard to get there but lying and living above your means in the mean time is just plain stupid (Ibk shey you hear? Hustle in silence and make it! Then you can live however you like and buy all the pizzas and Chinese food your stomach can contain 🙂

    PS: I’m sending my email based on the “considering” in your note.

    I’m seriously considering starting a cleaning/home care business.
    A lot of women don’t have time for cleaning, dusting and sweeping what with juggling demanding jobs, kitchen duties and mummy duties. My business Idea is simple, we take the sweeping, cleaning and dusting away from you. Help organise the home on weekends while you’re out partying or hanging out with your family.

    My email address is

    Thank you in advance 🙂


  2. Thanks ibk. Not a church post but am glad u posted that. @ miss pynk, I think its everywhere o, everyone likes to seem bigger than they are, serious inferiority complex.


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