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Happy Election day Nigeria. How goes it? How has your day been? Today we are inspired by a post on TTB (thelmathinksblog)…

When i was younger, (i am still 21 FYI) i use to think of things as black or white. Grey areas were very far and few between.  I say this because of the mantra “the truth shall set you free” – i believe its even biblical. However this statement doesnt put into consideration those who will be burdened or bondaged by the said truth. The lives that can be destroyed by the said truth etc.

Is there such a thing as an incomplete truth?  Can we be truthful and omit certain details? Or provide information on a need to know basis? Is ommission lying? You know its very easy to say the truth will set you free, but it also can put you in a dangerous corner as you can hurt people and also hurt yourself in the process.

A very good friend found out at age 30 that the man who she thought was her dad wasnt. As far as she was concerned her life was shattered.  She unknowingly  went to high school with her biological fathers kids. Biological father was in jail for drug trafficking for i think 15 years and died when she was 29. She even sent the kids condolences on facebook. Then she found out the next year because one of her aunts had been drinking and spilled the beans. Her mother finally confessed that she left the guy when she was a month pregnant because he was always beating her and got with the person she thought was her father who accepted the pregnancy etc.

Now the truth in this situation brought about a lot of pain for all involved.  My friend didnt talk to her mom for months.  I had to be a go- between  and explain each ones position to the other. I also had to have a talk with the aunt. Mother-daughter relationship is shaky because of this stupid truth. To whose benefit?  My friend began questioning her life, her worth etc.

I can tell many other stories on the truth and it going wrong. I dont believe the truth sets you free all the time, i however believe you should be able to deliver the truth how it best suits the situation. It pays to be discerning in all matters. I dont believe ommission is lying either.  I am more of a believer in grey areas the older i get.

Any thoughts on the truth setting us free?



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  1. Yeah the truth indeed sets free. Although, I’d advise caution or being discreet when revealing certain sensitive details.

    I believe in a distinction between ‘the honest truth’ and ‘the truth’. Both entail telling the truth without any lies but with the honest truth I bare it all, with the truth I ensure I take into the receiver’s reaction, feelings and the potential consequences of revealing such information.

    Truth remains that our utterances even if they may be truth have potential effects and it is wise that one ensures that revealing certain details does not further worsen any existing problem. I also think going the extra mile to reveal why one previously held back such information if done sincerely might assuage any errant feelings that might be developed. I believe in the Bible, Jesus Himself exercised a good deal of restraint in His words by not uttering some truths for it might have had a negative outcome to His main objective.

    Worthy of note is that it pays to always walk in honesty and keep one’s life as an open book while being transparent in one’s life activities.

    With the lady in the post, I believe there are no illegitimate children only illegitimate parents as a child in whatever form is a gift from God. Yes, she should be annoyed and angry but with maturity comes the knowledge and reality that man errs and can err with his/her most treasured possession or item.


  2. Truth is subjective, sometimes you have to say the whole truth, sometimes you say what’s only necessary and sometimes you say nothing. It just depends on the situation.

    I believe there’s nothing wrong in saying nothing, you haven’t lied, sometimes it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie.

    The truth sometimes sets us free and transfers the burden to the recipient. Which in my opinion is worse.

    Personally, if that truth would not benefit me or affect any future decision positively then I don’t want to hear it. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.


  3. I agree with chris n zoe. Sometimes its best to say nothing or say part of the truth rather than d whole truth


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