First of all, happy weekend to everyone. Clare congrats on your new but not so new baby, may she always bring you joy and many things great. I read all the comments and often get sidetracked when i am tryig to respond. How is everyone else? And how are the election preps coming? Do you have a PVC and are you going to vote?  If yes, how do you plan on going about it? Kindly note i didnt ask who you were voting for…i prefer not to dabble in politics and religion matters, God knows i think the two candidates are absolutely horrible. Just my thought.

Saturday is going to force a lot of people who dont like each other into confined spaces..imagine husbands and wives who have perfected the art of avoiding each other. Lol. I also hope everyone has stocked up food supplies? I have food to easily last 2 weeks. I hear the airports are full? Local and international alike. Where are folks running to? If you ran please tell us where to…i am dead serious. Lol.

Today has been a very stressful day. Someone who i sort of mentee…i say sort of because i dont consider myself an expert at anything, and sometimes i am convinced i have to even protect myself from myself…was in distress. She was defrauded by a landlord 2 weeks ago.. short and long she rented a bq with her friend in VCG in October 2014 only to find the place locked up in march. The person she rented from was apparently a tenant who failed to pay her rent. So they took this poor young lady’s n300k. So thats how the rightful landlord was kind enough to allow her move her things.

Following this she was able to rent a room in a 3 bedroom apartment whereby the guy refused to connect light after she paid n300k again. Because it was a sublet the guy claimed he couldnt give her an agreement.  She was also desperate to get a place so she didnt give it much thought when making the payments. She also met the guy through a friend. So the guy she paid rent to started threatening her to bring money for light reconnection before she sleeps there etc. She decided to get her money back from this said guy, over 2weeks now dude has refused to refund. She managed to find somewhere to emergency squat and was asked to leave because the home owners were coming back and wouldnt have space for her. She slept on someones floor last  night. I was privy to all this info this morning.

Anyways the long and short is she has contemplated suicide. Her mother abandoned her as a child and dropped her off at her fathers gate. Another reason women should stop having  children for men with families. Anyways her father passed when she was 10, she got passed along to her fathers brother whose wife treated her badly. She ended up in boarding school and a far flung university in Nigeria even though her father made financial provisions for her to go to the UK. Her uncle left the administration of the said resources to his much younger wife who bought this girl 2nd hand clothes from oxfam etc. The woman threw her out because she came home from midweek service at 8pm or so one evening.

She doesnt date.. i strongly believe its because she doesnt think anyone can love her, given how much the folks who are supposed to love her have failed her. She asked her church in which she is very active for help, they said they will get back to her. Two weeks later, nothing from them. She says she isnt going to church anymore. I was able to find a temporary solution for her for the next two weeks and hoping the permanent solution i have in mind will work.

So that has been my day thus far. A lot of trouble shooting and just making sure she doesnt sleep in her office etc. She didnt grow up in Lagos so the option of where to go is very limited. While i know there are people who have it worse, its the suicide portion that got to me. Because we all have our life challenges,  however some people seem more burdened than others.

Enjoy the honeymoon ahem i meant election weekend.



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  1. Happy weekend also. I’m alright, just hoping this election goes quickly, quietly and peacefully. Yeah I do have my PVC and I’m certainly gonna be voting. Not running away, Lagos has always been it for me, although security measures has been on the high for me recently.

    Although I’d agree that the two major candidates aren’t the best Nigeria can come up with, I believe life is a matter of compromise and certainly I hope to make a compromise by choosing one. My sincere prayer is that the best candidate for Nigeria wins.

    I do hope your permanent solution works out for your mentee.

    Do also have a happy and fulfilling weekend.


  2. The ladies story really broke my heart. May God be with her at this time and God bless you for trying to find a solution for her. Please if there’s any way we can help, kindly let us know. I feel really bad for her, she has really gone through alot. May God’s love cover her.

    I just want this whole election period to come and go. I’m not voting, didn’t collect my pvc. Most of my colleagues left town, some to lagos some to Ghana.

    I wish everyone a peaceful weekend, I’ll be catching up on my backlog of movies and series.


  3. I’ll love to read your responses in the comment section. Let the elections come and go already. I’ve got my PVC, there’s no better candidate. I should vote.

    I agree with you on this. Everyone is compelled to be home, maybe some issues might be resolved, who knows. 🙂

    About your mentee, all I thought was – and i thought I had it bad. All will be well. I pray God sees her thorough. She has you, I’m sure she’ll turn out stronger.


  4. It broke my heart reading about your mentee, thanks for helping her. For some reason I keep remembering the plane crash,wondering if the co pilot had someone to talk with or that understood if the crash could have been avoided?


  5. Thanks a lot for your kind wishes Oyinda. Baby is eating up like. Cray…

    As for your mentee, God will see her through, people are indeed suffering. All her struggles will end in praise.

    God bless you and your generous heart dear.


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