Doing the Shoki

Ahn ahn Shoki Shoki Shoki. I havent lost my mind. At least not yet. I am an aunty x6. Jealous much yet? I have two brand new babies in the mix. My lovely nieces were born about 15 hours ago on March24th. I have nieces now….to add to my 4 nephews…..yay! Super duper. My 3 brothers are busy popping them babies -boy i tell ya.


So i am doing a n3k giveaway to any store on sure gifts ng that i can purchase a gift card of the same value. leave your email address and by saturday i will pick a winner.

Something else major occured today. Birh of a new venture. I am beyond excited. Things are on and popping.  i am still working, the client is dragging feet on providing me with information. About 60% throught the job.

Working on so many things right now that as they are clicking all i keep telling myself is that everything works together for our own good.

I feel beyond blessed.


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  1. :). Congrats, dear! May God watch over them and may their entrance into your family bring greatness.

    It’s good to hear things are working out well.


  2. Aww Congrats! they are so cute, joining you in dancing Shoki (even though i cant dance). i don’t have any niece or nephew yet, i just have one brother who is still in school so i will wait tire.

    Congrats on your new venture also, i’m glad things are going well for, may they continue this way by the grace of God.


  3. Beautiful pikins..congrats, am glad things are clicking for you.


  4. Congratulations to the aunty raised to the power of six. May their birth and life always bring joy overflowing to whomever they come across.

    Glad things are going your way. May the Good Lord’s hand never depart from thine affairs.



  5. Awwwwww cute babies. Congratulations aunty x6,may God watch over them and they will continue to be a source of joy to your family.


  6. The beauty of child birth and the miracle of having a baby is amazing.

    Congratulations to you and your brothers. May the Lord nurture and preserve them,

    As for the new ventures, many more wisdom and ideas to your knowledge. I also thinking of something to do in addition to my 9 to 5 work. May God grant me wisdom.

    I had my baby about 3 weeks ago, (march 5th) and the sleepless nights are something else. My baby can eat oooo, I have to now combine formula n breast milk before she sucks me dry.

    Vote wisely all, as we approach March 28.


    • In my little knowledge, I think breast milk only is critical at this stage for your child’s growth. It’d also help with superior brain power and better health for your child. I feel introducing your baby to formula at this early stage of growth isn’t advisable. Please consult your doctor and do some research if it is expedient you do so.


    • You can also take more of pap, amala (I hear they aid breast milk production) and other foods that enhance breast milk production.


  7. christabel // March 26, 2015 at 20:02 // Reply

    Hmmm I just love babies, congratulations on ur new status(aunty X6),@ clare there is this formula I knw that is almost similar to breastmilk(similac,that’s the name) but it is quiet expensive…


  8. Anuoluwapo // March 27, 2015 at 02:59 // Reply

    Cuties!!! God bless and keep them. I can’t wait to mine. Congratulations to the family


  9. Congrats,pink yeaaaaa! Everything is cute in pink. @ Clare hang in there it gets better at 3 weeks they are going thru a rapid growth phase hence the constant need to nurse,have the doc check if she is getting enough,my son had a latching problem


  10. Mehn, i love twinssss i am so happy for you guys. Very cute babies.


  11. @ Chris, I agree that breast milk is very important, I try to give 90 percent BM.

    But it ain’t easy. Thanks.

    Yes Similac it is for now


  12. Wow! Congratulations to you and your brother.


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