Instagram…helping people destroy their own lives since invention. Well similar can be said for social media on the whole. So despite my not blogging, i would like to claim i have writers block, i actually just think i am making excuses. Work is plentiful, but it has never hindered me. I am excited about something and i dont want to spill it and jinx it.

Ok onto the matter at hand. SDK blog posted a before and after picture of a known socialite on instagram  who got married in 2 or 3 vera wang gowns in this same lagos a few months back. Had the glass box loubs etc, even if you didnt want to know , all the pictures were carried by all the Nigerian wedding handles on “the gram”. Anyways someone that knew her from “before before” as we lagosians would say posted a picture of her from say 10 years ago. This babe was dark like tar baby dark- beautiful oh. Her wedding pictures she was whiter than snow white.

No take away from the fact she bleached. Most bleachers are ashamed to say they bleached. I cant pinpoint why, at that point just own up and move the hell on. But oh girl has deleted her instagram profile and all, which leads to a few conclusions.  It really was her and she really did bleach. If not, she would have refuted the claims by posting a childhood picture, so she is indeed ashamed.

The next thing many people dont understand is once something goes on social media, you cant take it back unless you know a real life Olivia Pope. If not, think hard before you make that post. If you google her instagram handle, the pictures still come up..

Of course the discussion aka yansh opening began. Plus the truth plus the lies, folks posted in the SDK column.
My thing is this its not criminal to bleach or have surgery, but if you know you will be ashamed if people call you out on it, biko keep your private life private oh. Because there are people waiting to destroy you especially if you look happy in this Lagos. I wonder how her husband feels right now, but you want to ask didnt they share childhood pictures before they went to the altar?

My last question..its more of a thought..people that alter their looks- if rapture happens will God still recognise them? Silly but hey, i didnt say i was the most reasonably brained person.

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8 Comments on Bleachers

  1. Janyl Benyl // March 24, 2015 at 23:03 // Reply

    Hahaha I heard they have started claiming other people’s baby pictures these days
    So funny!


  2. God is really going to have a lot of work to do Lol… Bleaching is the reigning thing now,everyone wants to look brighter than their future… That’s the height of inferiority complex and low self esteem.
    Plsss spill it 🙂 I’m getting excited already.


  3. Hmmn this bleaching matter, if you are ready to bleach and post your new self on social media, then you should be ready to face what ever people have to say. after all they saw you dark na. its only normal for them to ask questions.

    as per your question, i read one christian book when i was still a child about God turning people away from heaven because he could recognize them as per the bleached skin. i didn’t believe it then and i don’t believe it now. the things they write to put fear in people sha.

    i just hope people who bleach are aware and prepared for the long term effects that it could have on their life in general.


  4. Lohla Windfall // March 26, 2015 at 15:44 // Reply

    I also wonder why people bleach their skin. I’m light skinned and for as long as I remember, I’ve always wanted to be dark skinned, I just feel dark skin is rich, beautiful and doesn’t crack.


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