Happy Thursday People. I woke up with the sun, but somehow i am still in bed. Hmmm. This is not a sponsored post i am about to make. Its a genuine post simply because i really enjoyed the Service that i was provided with.

Lagos and Taxis. At some point anyone who lives in Lagos has attempted to take a taxi, unless you are in the mega rich 0.001%. In recent times, all sorts of companies have cropped up – the black and yellow taxis of old, the ones of new, the red cabs, easy taxi etc. One thing for me is, haggling gets me irritated most days, and i dont see why i should haggle for a cab, car hire included.

Once the red cabs came to Lagos, i stopped using yellow and blacks. For several reasons, no haggling, less likely to get an ac-less car and just better service. As with all things, after a year or so, red cabs began to get crappier in appearance etc.

Car hire still became a better option as they were more likely to be air conditioned,  but the market woman mentality of haggling still remains. I never got the chance to take easy taxi, so i cant speak on their services yet.

Yesterday evening i needed to get from Awolowo road area in Ikoyi to Osborne Foreshore one without driving myself, and so i decided to use Uber. As soon as i downloaded the app and called for a car, i got a call and in less than 10 minutes i was picked up. The fare was N1,062. The best part is money doesnt exchange hands, so the driver cannot tell you no change, their drivers are also trained as they call to tell you they are on the way to you, they call when they get to you and when you get to your destination they notify you of when they end the trip, you also get an email right away.

Uber apparently  doesnt own the cars and have a minimum type of car and fleet they accept. All the drivers have iphones and are trained. So uber is pretty much a coordinator that takes a percentage of each car’s earnings. Which is why i was picked up in a fully air conditioned Hyundai Elantra.

As you can tell, i am beyond impressed with the service. At this point i might be driving to less places in this Lagos. And given that i dont feel the need to have a personal driver for several reasons, i am going to be making use of that Uber app a lot more. Especially for things like trips to the airport and stuff. They are also about 75 to 80% the cost of their competitors, so what gives?

Please share your Lagos cab experiences and if you are team Uber, please please shoutout so we can hear you.

Likely to break the one post per day limit today again.



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  1. Heard about the Uber app, never used their services but will sure use them, guess they are reliable. Thanks for stopping by on my blog Pynk.


  2. never used them,but they sound great! have a lovely day.


  3. Sadly , whenever I hear uber, I recall d sad events that happpened in india last year involving their company


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