When you sit and you look at your life, what things did you believe you would have done at your current age? And how close are you to achieving them? While i understand we propose and God disposes, we all have aspirations.

I will start.
I thought i would have a networth of at least $1million by 30. Almost three years past 30, i am still recovering and trying to wrap my brain around the financial market crash in 2008 ish. I am not even halfway near that goal right now and highly illiquid. I am learning to self reflect but still trying to pay more attention to the assets i attempt to create in the future. I attempt to be more diligent and also try to remind myself that problems get bigger when i ignore, them rather than just disappear. I am a strong believer that wealth gives one better access to change. When you can pay the piper, its a lot easier to dictate the tune.

Working hard and smart very early will allow you to relax a bit further down the road. I expected to be a land lord extraordinaire running a school and charity simultaneously by now. Somehow, neither of these two have manifested outrightly. CAC registration has me shaking my head in delirious disbelief for the school. And i am party to a registered charity, so i am attempting to sit up and start collecting non-monetary donations from friends and family. I am looking to work with existing processes as i dont need my charity to be forefront, i just want to be a part of the giving process. A reminder that a dream delayed is not a dream denied.

Marriage – i was on the fence about for several reasons. My thought on this is that God answers prayers beyond what we ask him. He didnt send me a saint, he sent me a human angel. He knew what i needed and he delievered way more than it.

Being like my mother. Oh boy..this one took me by surprise, i am becoming more and more like my mother. And i am not sure even what to say about it. I find it very interesting. One thing about my mom is her kindness and kind words…this i hope to imbibe.

Writing a book. I thougt by now i would have written a book, but it has not happened yet. Maybe real soon. I will open Microsoft word today. I have some inspiration. Lets see how that goes.

Create a non-personal online community for women. When i say non-personal, i mean not centred around my own personal life, but rather the lives of others. I believe access to others helps us grow. It helps us see life positively for the most part. Kind of how i feel the need for a new mentor, i think many women will do well with one or a few actually. I have started building the site, but always seem to get sidetracked.

Those are somethings i could easily come up with. All in all, i have started making peace with life in terms of professional aspirations. For my emotional aspirations i am learning that my growth as a Christian is key to my success ovrall. Through it all, i am grateful and will continue to keep the sunny  on the inside approach. It makes life worth living and enjoying.



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  1. Here goes me

    Spirituality/Christianity: I must say that I’m impressed by how far and how well I’ve grown over my short time with Christ (hope the feeling is mutual with the big dude upstairs). It’s very refreshing that as much as it is about my personal life, I’v being able to see that it is also about my influence on my immediate society and surroundings. Hard to quantify in number terms but I’m certain that I’m meeting aspirations.

    Relationships (Marriage): a part of my overly optimistic childhood thought I’d have being married by now. Although that isn’t the case, I’m would say I’ve come an appreciable way with my perspective and value for relationships (male and female). Hopefully, this understanding I’m still gaining would be my magic wand to a successful marriage when that happens (soon I believe)

    Personal Development : well, it is hard to quantify this as there wasn’t any target for this area. Still, I must say this has arguably been my area of greatest development.

    Professional Development: A lot is still hazy here, we thank God, the ministry is moving. Hoping in the coming months, I’d have better and more fulfilled testimonies about this area

    Financial concerns: worst area! I’m without doubt that this area deserves the largest Fail grade if I had to do a comparison with my aspirations. I’d be looking forward to improving my lot in this area and also looking at ways to generate good income. There’s still so much I can do.

    Hopefully, before the year runs out, I hope to have met my aspirations in ‘non-performing’ areas of my life


  2. This topic has been on my mind for a while now, i turn 25 in a few months and i remember setting some goals for myself when i was 20. so this is my mini review.

    Spiritually i was in a wonderful place with God, but along the line i moved focus away from him to other things. i went really low, lower than i’ve ever been. i have been trying to find my way back. last night i took a walk after work and i felt peace concerning that aspect,i feel i’ll get there soon again.

    Professional i thought i was going to be done with masters by now, well i applied for the masters this month. i was blessed to have finished my professional exams early for my profession its a big deal so i guess i’m not doing too badly here.

    I have always wanted to get married early, right now i’m very very single but there’s still time.

    My relationship with others is really improving, i’m an extrovert and i love being on my own, however i’ve made a few friends in church this year.

    Charity: i’m proud of myself for giving alot last year, i’ve done a little this year and i hope to do much more.

    Financially, i’m in a good place, i have more than i thought i would have by now. i just need to know how to invest wisely.

    I had planned to achieve alot by now, but i’m grateful to God for everything and i honestly believe my best is yet to come.


  3. So i’ll be 30 in a few months.

    Spirituality: Let’s just say i’m a work in progress. God hasn’t given up on me so I won’t give up on myself.

    Financial: For someone who is so risk averse, I never dreamt of being a millionaire. The fact that I can meet most of my WANTS and still have more to give to charity makes me pat myself on the back. But i need to tackle this fear of risk, my goals for 50 definitely can’t be met by my play it safe attitude.

    Charity: I am def proud of my abilities here. My new focus is on giving to make long term impacts. Reevaluating the causes I support.

    Patience: F9. Ok maybe C6. Still struggling with this.

    Marriage:Thought I would be married with 2 kids. Glad it didn’t happen, cos it probably would have been a diisaster due to my point before this “patience”. In a good place though, so I’m thankful.

    OAD – We miss you in the comments section, come back 🙂


  4. *sigh*life! If life worked out just the way we wanted it then we’d all be kings & Lord knows what else. I can’t say I’m where I thought I’d be but there’s hope yet & I’m at a pretty good place regardless! You’ve a lovely blog miss pynk. very lovely! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  5. // March 20, 2015 at 14:14 // Reply

    Aspirations, that’s a funny word. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I’ve not done most of the things I thought I would have by now, but then, and somewhat even better, is that I’ve done/achieved some things I never thought, expected or planned to do. Life can be beautiful like that.

    Still, my life’s a work in progress so..


  6. I don’t know how it would sound, if I said, I’ve always had lots of aspirations yet I hardly put a time frame to them.
    Though achieving some of these aspirations seem to be happening slower than I’d like, Good things are happening…and are abound!
    OAD, your description about your husband made me smile.


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