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Happy wednesday right? I am here just chillaxing. One thing about being married, i watch a lot more tv – primarily the news and i drink more hot beverages. I wonder why.

While watching the news is supposed to be informative, it more often than not leaves you sad or just angry. This morning i have watched snippets of cnn and Al Jazeera. Cnn i am upset  Netanyahu won the elections in Israel.  It means a lot for US and middle east relations. First of all, i still dont fully understand the US Israel relationship but i know Obama has given them less than previous administrations and they are upset. I dont like to talk politics.

AlJazeera was talking about #womeninSTEM. Science,  Technology, engineering and mathematics. Its funny how people  assume  women are scared of the above listed subjects. While there are fewer women in these fields, i dont believe women are scared of these subjects. These subjects just tend to be less appealing to women, maybe because of their rigidity and lower room for creativity. And lets face it, many people feel less inclined to offer women in these fields jobs. I remember being offered jobs in the middle east unseen- email correspondence, and once they found out i was female they often rescinded or tried to lower salary offer.

What are your thoughts? Kindly share.



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  1. Boring subjects wonder how I found myself there:) #JustKidding. People just tend to analyze those subjects based on their personal experience,I have always struggled with mathematics but I realized I always get through it once I put my mind to it.
    I remember we were just 11 ladies and 60 guys in my class during my undergraduate days and my post graduate class 13 guys and 1 lady (moi) 🙂
    I don’t let the discrimination of ‘why should a lady be here’ get to me,all I’m after is what I can offer you if you employ me and vice versa. We are no longer in a world where women sit at home and men go out to work,everyone is on the field now.


  2. Well, Israel is strategic to launching an offensive on offending Arab nations that aren’t in America’s good books. Also they have a strong intelligence service (Mossad) and some other diplomatic relations hence their ‘alliance’ with Israel.

    @ STEM, it’s being a male dominated field since time immemorial although I must stay over the recent years, it has seen a growing percentage of women involvement. I can’t say why women are the lesser gender in this field.


  3. christabel // March 19, 2015 at 10:25 // Reply

    I really love engineering and even though I am not in that field I admire women who are. My mum once told me she thought I was going to study engineering…


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