Breaking the one post per day rule. OMG! Not the letters of the alphabet,  but i really need to stop watching African magic. Oh my goodness, but did i say i missed it whike i was gone? I hear Z the bollywood channel has now come to Nigeria. We are now the housewife tv country.  No offense to housewives oh, i am one as i work mostly from home.

So now we have African Magic likr 5 or more of them,  Telemundo and Z. What will you be watching? ABC is Amebo Business Center – learnt that watching  a yoruba movie “mama insurance”. Nobody should insult Yoruba movies or Nollywood for their title choices. Fearless love or bravery & heart are not any better. Neither is Dimandre my love.

I am waiting for them to bring Korean drama and Filipino Soap operas to Nigeria. We have an over saturation of entertainment, you just gotta pick your flavor.

Signing out singing “mama insurance e se pele ohhh”.

If you dont understand yoruba let someone interpret for you.



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  1. Lol @ Amebo business center,Smh for nollywood. This is one of the reason Dstv keep increasing their tariffs,I just don’t get some channels because I don’t understand what they are really on about.


  2. Lol

    I can’t remember the last time I watched africa magic or TV for that matter. The plot of the movies irritate me from the very beginning. There’s the occasional good movie but they are very few and far between and I have never watched Telemundo. The only time it comes up on my TV screen is when I’m scrolling to 115 or 110 and scrolling back to E!. I just don’t understand the obsession. Can’t stand the Filipino/chinko series.. Any ways, the to each his own.

    I think I’m getting old 🙁 I haven’t watched TV in over a month! I used to be addicted to E! and Food Network… *sigh*


  3. Vuzu Amp, African Magic Yoruba….. I’ve seen Mama Insurance too. :).

    My TV channels shuffle are all super sports channels and all children’s channels plus MFamily. The TV is already dominated. I use my laptop to watch my series when I can.

    HWA to me.

    Thanks, Oyin. I got the gift card today. Nice coincidence. 🙂


  4. Hehe My mum has officially migrated from Telemundo to Z which I find more disturbing cos to me they just read scripts and act mechanically. I like afmag yoruba tho I mostly only watch tv on sunday night when all the singing nd dancing reality show comes up on air.


  5. Lol even though i hardly watch africa magic yoruba i have watched the mama insurance movie and it was actually nice. i watched telemundo just once and that was in the salon. i have heard alot about the korean dramas i think i need to try one and see


  6. Telemundo, and. Africa Magic, nAaaaaa. I have a head ache when I watch Africa Magic.

    Infact, I have severe body pains, cos the story lines are usually out of point, predictable and boring.

    I give kudos to a few that are trying to improve.


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