Happy Mothers Day

Happy mothers day for all the Nigerians and British people out there. I guess i have to call all the mothers in my life to wish them the same. Not really in the mood though.

I had a nightmare last night, i went into a bathroom and attempted to put leave in conditioner from a jar into my hair. Lo and behold it ended up being relaxer so i had to wash it out. I panicked and woke up. I dont know what the dream means, neither am i trying to understand it.

On another note, i need a 3d printer so i can print absolutely everything i can conceptualise. If wishes were horses abi?

I wish you a fulfilling week ahead.



4 Comments on Happy Mothers Day

  1. Lol,weird dream right? Just make sure you read the name on your conditioners well before applying…. Happy mothers’ day


  2. Thank you. Well, your dream …. No comments. Kiki has a good suggestion though. Then the normal prayer (it does work). Happy Mother’s Day to all ladies on the blog and all Mothers in their individual lives.


  3. lol at your dream, thats every naturals nightmare. maybe you were thinking of your hair before you fell asleep.


  4. Clueless abt d conditioner n relaxer stuff. Happy belated mothers day y’all


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