Satan be gone

Thats the title of Asa’s new song. Somehow it feels very apt for this Lagos environment. Hope your week has been good? Mine has been interesting to say the least. Many doors opened, and a few more are still opening.

I usually dont blog on current happenings, but yesterday there was a robbery and resulting shoot out during rush hour on admiralty road in Lekki with between 6 to 7 casualties. You have to ask about the factors that drive such incidents. I say it is poverty for the better part. Few Nigerians have taken for themselves what was meant to be for everybody. There is a saying that when the poor have nothing to eat, they will begin eating the rich. If you live in largese and those around you wallow in poverty,  whats the point? Your driver, gateman etc dont earn a liveable wage and you treat them badly what gives? The embezzlers who have 1000 houses what gives? I am not even going to ask that we pray for Nigeria, Nigeria’s problem is self inflicted. Thats the plain honest and simple truth.

Its saddening to see what we continue to create. APC or PDP do not offer any tangible solutions as far as i am concerned. I believe it starts with each of us. As human beings, the basic commandment of love your neighbor is too foreign. You hear of an organisation head telling his workers he wants to be on the Forbes list by 2017. Whats wrong with that? Its the workers that will get him there, but has he for once given a hoot about what his workers aspire to? Does he care about their welfare or he merely believes that because he pays them a salary that they are not important?

Nigerians, please lets look beyond ourselves. The societal cost of selfishness is too high of a burden for us to carry. Let look within and do our part in the next person’s life. For everyone that is lifted out of poverty so to speak, the better the lives we all can live.

I will be breaking the one post rule today. Cant combine both topics i have on my mind.



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  1. God bless you for this post. Well said.


  2. This is what I keep telling the people who have been screaming support for both parties. What have they done for this country? Most of their supporters can’t even boast of three square meal and they won’t stop chanting songs. If you can’t treat your neighbors well or give out when you have surplus,then what is the purpose of you being a leader? Wonder how some people sleep at night.


  3. God bless you for this post!
    I saw a picture of the Lady that lost her Life whilst going about her business (selling fish) and it broke my heart!
    We have a long way to go in this country and like you said neither APC nor PDP is ready to take us to our “promised land” (At least in the next 4 years). But then we all have a very huge and vital role to play, but why don’t we just start by genuinely loving and caring for our neighbors; it will go a long way in making our immediate surroundings (for starters) a better place and then gradually and hopefully there will be a trickle down effect to our country!
    PS: The robbery was just about 550m from my office, i thank God for safety (one of the treasures that money cannot buy)!


  4. christabel // March 13, 2015 at 16:40 // Reply

    God bless ur soul for this wonderful write-up. An average Nigerian is a thief because of selfish and wicked desires. You see people eating and throwing away while their neighbour is hungry, some want to have all the latest designers that they may not use in the next 6 months while people are naked, the change that Nigeria needs begins with each and everyone of us and not pdp, apc or any political party whatsoever. RIP to the dead and for those of us who decide to stray because it is the only easy way to make it now remember that ‘there is a way that seems right but the end of it is destruction’ and that ‘there is no excuse for doing the wrong thing’.


  5. Aptly put.

    Although poverty shouldn’t justify taking innocent lives, its one of the major problems of this country, it and greed.

    The people who line their pockets with money meant for the country’s development are greedy, the ones who aren’t contented with what they have and decide to take from the rich forcefully are also greedy, the ones who go out and buy stuff they dont need to impress pple they dont know instead of giving to those in need are also greedy.

    By the way, the alphabeths are really lovely. You should explore the idea of commercialising it like some pple suggested. I saw a couple of knitted bow ties on deal dey today and i thought about you. The ties were really lovely.


  6. It was truly sad. May God Almighty comfort the families of the departed


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