Take that take that uhn

Hey everyone. How has the week been? Ready to close it out yet? Got a job for some work and the client knocked it down to half of what i asked for, was going to walk away, but i was very interested in the niche market the client wants to play in. I decided to take the work – as they seem to have a lot more work on the table which i can tap into.

Happy birthday to my mother, mumsicles she is 31 today. . This woman told me not to come to her house today because she is going to a wedding? well no wahala, as hubstar has said, i have to respect her wishes. I will drop the cake and laptop off tomorrow. I am not buying her kfc sha.


I was in Abuja yesterday and i have concluded some things – lagos drivers are raging lunatics, Abuja drivers are infantile retards. Yes as a Christian  we shouldnt insult others, but lagos is crowded hence the struggle. Abuja the guy is blowing horn from 5 miles away and guys are struggling to share a lane when other lanes are free. Lagos drivers learnt to drive in overcrowded zoos, Abuja drivers learnt in the vast forest. It is really unbelievable .

Today’s giveaway in honor of my mothers birthday is



Remember to kindly leave your email address alongside your comment if you are interested both pieces go to the same person. Also make sure you can pick it up in ikoyi or it can be dropped off in Lekki or VI for you. I am struggling (no toll gate and petrol money). Entries close sunday.



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  1. Happy Birthday to your mum once again. Wish you the very best with the job and also your learning opportunities.


  2. 🙂 your mum is 21. She looks really lovely for her age. HBD to her. May she live many more happy years in good health and abundance.

    The necklaces are beautiful. Especially the second one.


  3. Happy birthday to your Beautiful mama. More years in good health.


  4. christabel // March 12, 2015 at 18:13 // Reply

    Happy birthday to your MuM and many gracious years ahead…


  5. Happy Birthday to your mum. may God continue to bless her. Abuja drivers are something else, i cant count how may times they’ve made me mad, i just shake my head at them.


  6. Happy birthday to your mum, she’s a beauty.

    And to men a big congratulobia, I got my strategic Management certificate from open2study. It was a fulfilling experience as it refreshed my memory and put me in the mood to study further .

    I will commence financial planing on the 16th.

    And Yayyyy, my bundle of joy was born on march 5, she is a beauty.

    I don’t mind that blue neck piece. I’m a sucker for costume pieces.

    Thanks Oyinda.



  7. Happy Belated birthday to ur mum!Wish her many more great yrz ahead in good health.

    Congrats Clare,God bless ur bundle of joy.


  8. Ur mom looks great. @ clare, congrats. God bless your bundle of joy


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