Uhn nana nana nana! I forget who sang that song, but thats my song of the day. How is your week so far? Traffic should be listed as a cause of death in high density cities such as Lagos.

On to the matter. Why does betrayal seem more prevalent in Nigeria?  It might be, or it might not be.  For me its puzzling and sometimes i attach it to culture. You hear of people betraying people to the point of nearly killing or actually killing them.

I have been betrayed before by several people. My initial response was anger, then pain,  then anger again. One was an attempt at sabotage that failed woefully. I still won. The other was betrayal from my ex whom i trusted and even helped. To get over them both i had to pray for forgiveness for myself and them.

Its written that we must forgive and forget. I dont believe in forgetting. I had to learn the hard way. Forgiveness is very hard as some of these people even say sorry but never admit wrongdoing. And you wonder what gives them such audacity to treat others so badly.

I have finally finished the letters, i will put them on white squares to make them more steady as they are a bit wonky for some of the letters. Be honest would you pay for them? The S was by far the hardest to make.


Its was exciting to make. Will make numbers 0 to 9 next.



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  1. covergirl // March 10, 2015 at 17:19 // Reply

    I love the alphabets and would definitely pay for them. Very nice talent you have here.


  2. Funny the s is prettier to me, not to flatter you yes I like the idea of the letters
    because it s going to be difficult to get hurt and the letters aren’t Soo small so no swallowing and finally they can be thrown into the washing machine with their cloths. so for me its a yes!


  3. This is lovely. Are you planning to sell? If so how much? As for betrayals, I just tell myself people are wired differently. Some seem to derive joy in hurting others. Thank God we don’t control air because if I did, some will breathe only carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide till their brains reboot well. 🙂


  4. Betrayal is difficult to forget and forgive when its coming from the people you care about,even if you forgive them its so difficult to forget. On the bright side, karma is working pretty fast lately 🙂 …. Lovely work done and they are beautiful,There’s nothing wrong with the letter S. Good job.


  5. Would definitely pay for them although that is contingent on the price.


  6. You did a good job with the letters, i would honestly buy them for a cute child.


  7. Letters are really nice. You can hang them in your classrooms when you open up. Easy way for the kids to reference their alphabets.

    Betrayal is hard. I have learnt the person who carries the hate is the one who carries the pain. Forgive and forget to me means I have let go of any hate and pain. It doesn’t mean i will remain cool with the person though. Most times,moving on means ending that relationship and breaking all ties.


  8. Betrayal is hard to forgive , bt I don’t think its worse in naija o. Lovely work, d alphabets look great


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