Happy new week. How is the week looking? I really need to stop hanging out with my husband at night. I mean we sit around and gist while he plays assasins creed at night while i knit or sometimes we watch scandal till 4am. Problem is that it messes with my routine. This morning i woke up at 11am. If you live in Lagos, you know this is suicide in terms of going out after house keeping which will put me at about 1am.

This week is looking up, i will contact giveaway winners. I was going to blog somethig insightful, but my brain isnt sunny on the inside yet. I found a new joy, crocheting letters of the alphabet. I will also do numbers, but i am not sure how i want to present them – single pieces in a bag, so the child can move the letters around to spell or mix up numbers or put them on a blanket or attach them onto crochet squares and maybe even bind them into a book.
The truth is, its fun and i can do sooo much with it in terms of creativity. That i might start selling them. Lol, since i do it while watching tv anyway, and it takes about 10 hours to complete the entire alphabet.  Will take pictures once done. I think the most exciting part is that kids cant swallow the letters and they are not toxic, good for chilcare centers and homes. Also good for baby shower gifts along with a blanket.

My mothers birthday is on Thursday. I had dropped off her bag and shoes gift last week only to find she asked my brother  for a laptop. So he sent me a message that he had found a cheap one for her. But i have some i had bought for the school, so i will set one up today. I have ordered her fruit cake, now i have to find money to buy her bucket of kfc- thats what she asked for. Kfc! Smh.

I wish you a blissful and productive week ahead. I might break the one post a day rule later today. Let me find my brain first.



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  1. I think you should explore the economic side of your new found hobby – crotcheting. Speak to some daycare/kindergarten/primary school administrators to get a feel of the market. Also, for wider reach you can make use of e-commerce sites (you’d need manpower since it is labour intensive). It has good selling points like you outlined – non-toxic, fancy, education/learning aid.

    Happy Birthday once again to your mum.

    Do also have a blissful and productive week.


  2. The joys of being your own boss.There’s some flexibility with your daily schedules.I’m usually in bed by 10:30pm to ensure I have a non-grouchy wakeup (8 hours of sleep is necessary).

    Check out bolakrafts on IG.She knits loads of stuff for babies and adults and SELLS them. She might inspire you


  3. I really envy you right now, I can’t remember when last I woke up late, have to be up early for work.

    I agree with everyone on exploring the economic side of crocheting. I wish you all the best in that venture.

    Wishing your mum a lovely birthday in advance. I wish you and everyone here a lovely week.


  4. Yes please to making money from it!


  5. Happy belated bday to your mom


  6. Dear Mme. Pynk,
    The past few days got me indoors and in bed and I found myself reading your blog posts from inception. Feels like doing a back to back on an interesting TV series. Keep up the good work.
    I’d like to ask a favor though…these crocheted blankies are so beautiful and unique, could I call upon you to make me one or even two someday?
    I hope you get to see this and reply. Thanks


    • Nne Just because you asked- i will include one or two in the next giveaway…no need to pay for it.


      • Wow! Thanks a big bunch madam pynk, I’m totally speechless and doing a dance. Thank you and may God always answer you when you ask. Amen!
        I enrolled for a free course on open2 study yesterday and was inspired to learn the art of crocheting after seeing pics of your work. You are a big inspiration, and it’s not flattery. Thank you Mme. Pynk


  7. I was going to write that I would pay any amount for it, but alas, that is wishful thinking. I’m more than willing to pay if only you would say “hmmmm…yes, I’ll do it for you” Please say yes


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