Hello all, how has the week been? Hopefully somewhat priductive? For someone who is in the middle of self employment and unemployment i seem to have a lot to do the next couple of weeks. Hmmm.

Anyway was having a conversation with my dad yesterday and he made a statement. .”in youth we chase death, in the later years death chases us”. It was in reference to dying because i said some man we know who is about 70 has one foot in the grave and out. So my dad proceeded to say i could die before the said man. In many ways it is an insightful comment as the constant in the conversation is death, earthly death as we know it.

It comes back to the point of us knowing we are going to die either way, it becomes a question of when and even how. So you start to question why we do things we hate because we want to get by, and we do these things indefinitely. Have jobs we hate, get married to people we dont like, stay married to people we dislike, have children we might not necessarily want, strive for Phds we dont intent to utilise etc.

You catch my drift. I stayed at a job i hated for 2.5 years with a boss i even hated more. And when you look at it, you wonder what the end game of that situation was. I still dont know to be honest. I think i was just letting life move me along instead of doing the reverse. I dated someone before my husband and frankly it was a dead end and i gave it 14 months of my life- i still get angry when i think about it.

If you are a believer in God, it is important to pray about our relationships and actions prior to undertaking them. We should seek out the grace to understand situations that will benefit or or benefit the other person in the least. Mutual benefits for all parties are not mutually exclusive, rather the right set of situations keep everyone emotionally balanced and more productive across the board.

I say it now, maybe because of age, finding your happy= contentment. Its important especially in this jungle town called Lagos and Nigeria in general.

On a side note, I made the items below and 3 pink and 1 yellow baby blankets in my last 3 weeks in London.




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  1. Death comes to all. Just that it catches some people unaware. Others know that death is coming. One just has to be prepared because it’s inevitable. That’s why I always say make the most of the moment and try to be happy no matter what. Nothing can take the place of inner peace.

    I pray to live a long fulfilled life with peace and perfect health. I don’t plan on becoming a liability to my family. I pray God grants our desires for long life with great accomplishments.


  2. Lovely blankets . Death is truly a constant to us all which is y d Holy Book tells us to always be prepared like d 5 wise virgins. Death is coming to us all (if JESUS doesn’t rapture us first), hence live ur life in a way that is right b4 HIM. God help us


  3. Lovely baby set…..Dang I should have taken crotcheting and knitting serious those Home Econs days.

    Death is a constant. My 1st 3 years of working, I was definitely a slave to my job. Now, its simply a means to an end. That change in attitude makes a HUGEEEEEE difference for me.

    Funny, this topic makes me think of the whole Mercy Johnson craze. Providing explanation for catching the train. It’s your life, live it as it pleases YOU. No apologies needed when you are being true to yourself.

    My 2015 Motto: Life is not a rehearsal, you don’t get a 2nd chance.


  4. These baby blankets are very lovely!
    Honestly Pynk, I wish I could totally imbibe living to solely enjoying my life. I’m gradually working at it.


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