I did say i had another post up my sleeve. This topic is resonating with me more these days. You know they say the older you get, the less you care about certain things? Well since i hit the big 30, i have found myself literally giving less of a f**k for lack of better terminology. I know what i would rather be doing, and seem less apt to doing things i would rather not be doing.

I can explain. I graduated with my Bsc almost 12 years ago at age 20. I had jobs i didnt particularly care for for literally 10 years. For roughly 5 of those 10 years i was well compensated. The other 5, lets just say it was just enough to be alive and somewhere in between.

I chose to make a career change- consciously  about 1.5 years ago. I always knew i wanted to be in education, both as a teacher (professor) and as an administrator.  I figured i would hit 40 before making the transition. Why? I am still not very sure, but i am starting to believe it had a lot to do with self value. I say self value because when i had the finances to  start the school, it was the absolute last thing on my mind. I was worried about being too young and no one bringing their kids to my school etc. Now that i have the drive, the money is running away from me. Lol. Irony of life!

Aha, i know you were thinking what brought about this revelation of self value. A friend called me about a small firm looking for sort of consultancy services. For the service they requested i asked for a certain amount and they decided to offer half of what i asked for. I declined  and asked for 75%of my original invoice amount. One thing about me prviously i never haggled over money. I generally accept what folks are willing to pay me.

I found myself higly irritated,  because i realised while i am broke, i am actually not desperate. I chose to decline the work, afterall i paid for my degrees, they werent free. So why should i work for pittance? I have been at it for 12 years, if i dont put my foot down, when will i do it? The firm called me back to ask for my bio and CV. I sent it with previous work samples. They have offered to pay in the 50% deposit requirement prior to meeting with me, but i have asked for a prelim meeting.  You get the gist of this matter i hope?

My point is this, after paying ones dues, there is nothing wrong with placig a premium on ones services. The vp for mastercard who was on Cnn’s woman voices i think its called said along the lines of, “you are only as good as your boss thinks you are, and if your boss doesnt think you are good find a new boss”. I am my own boss and i think i am awesome.

I am writing this long epistle because i hear of graduates seeking employment that is phantom, or employment where they are left in the negative when the month is over. Life is about the choices we make. Is the payout for the initial choice you make worthwhile? On my way back from the airport, i sat in Lagos traffic for 3hours. I saw all sorts. I didnt look into any car and think- oh this person has a full life. Instead i found myself feeling sorry for most people. The younger folks looking really tired and stressed on a monday morning, some of the older folks were sleeping and almost breaking their necks while the driver drove on 3rd mainland bridge. Value and quality of life matter a lot, i am not saying this because i am bank balance is laughable right now, but peace of mind is the biggest currency for me.

I have gotten to the point where peace is the most important thing to me. I dont do things that make me uncomfortable or make me feel underappreciated. I avoid inconviniences that i cannot see any benefits of, i also try to avoid people who i cannot place their purpose in my life.

I am on a path to actively seek out a mentor from a professional standpoint, i need someone who is more advanced in years from me but can keep it honest with me. Keeping it honest is a hard trait to find in people, there is this myth of perfection, when really we are merely works in progress.  No one has all the answers and no one ever will. All we have is our experiences.

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I did warn you ahead that it would be random. Lol.



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  1. One word – Touche


  2. Lovely post as usual!
    I Heard that quote from the vp of mastercard last week while I was on an official trip and I haven’t stopped thinking about it.
    A part of me thinks it’s time to look for another boss while a little part says wait a tad bit longer.
    In the long run, I think everyone should be able to accept and live with Choices they make particularly as it relates to their career paths!


  3. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for this insightful post.


  4. Self value before expecting others to value you… Thanks for the reminder.


  5. This post came at the right time,very insightful. Thank you Miss Pynk.


  6. I’ve been a silent reader for some months now. Welcome back Ms Pynk.

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot ever since I read something similar on another blog last week. I even discussed it with someone today. I started a new job in September, the salary is just enough to keep body and soul together, the stress is on another level and there’s a chance that I will be promoted within the next few months but then again, I keep asking myself, is this what I want to do? I stayed at home for eight months after NYSC before I finally got it, I don’t want to sit at home for an indefinite amount of months again before I get a new one. I’m so very confused at this point career wise. I registered for a professional course last year and started writing exams, but I honestly need a new job or an increase in salary.

    I hear people talk about passion and how its important that you love your job first and all that but right now, all I think about is money- money to pay for my exams, money to save/invest, money to eat and money for clothes. Any job that can safely cater to these needs will be my passion right now. God know I’m not getting any younger.


  7. “Keeping it honest is a hard trait to find in people, there is this myth of perfection, when really we are merely works in progress.  No one has all the answers and no one ever will. All we have is our experiences.” I love this….

    Well said, Miss Pynk. Please I’d love one of the boxes for my daughter. Thanks in advance.


  8. You’ve written it all….Peace of mind, self evaluation and a positive drive to do what you need to do at the right time. Welcome back home☺


  9. Nice post. I like d quote u made about being appreciated, however, in dis present economy with the high rate of unemployment, It might be best to just suck up all ur boss’ negative attitude and start actively looking for the next job cos a bird at hand . . .


  10. True words,its not all about movement and struggles, at the end of the day its about getting it right. Am still searching for a mentor to also guide me. Any job that doesn’t give me either enough money to be contented or low stress if dere is no money count me out


  11. chukwukadibia // March 7, 2015 at 17:14 // Reply

    As always a good read.


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