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Hmmm. Hope your week is going relatively well? My two day old headache has finally stopped- seemed like it was a sinus headache i got instead of barotrauma as i had a cold from the Queens own country before boarding the flight. Thank you for the prayers and well wishes, i am glad some of the members of this community like me. Lol.

Still on the matter, i have emptied my suitcase, but my room with all my stuff still seems to be a mess. Maybe by the end of the week i will finish cleaning.  I have started sorting through everything in the room though, so maybe thats the reason for the chaos. Hubstar says i am banned from buying new hair care products, lipstick and eye makeup.

For someone who doesnt consume a lot..i am not big on outings, i find wearing heels just because to be ridiculous. And i dont wear makeup persay- i use a light liquid press that does the job of foundation, concealer and press powder only on special occasions. I have more hair products than common sense it seems. I plan on doing a lot of reflecting in the upcoming days and weeks to ask why.  Sorting through i found the items below makeup and hair. I still have products to be cargoed from NY for my hair.



I really need to start asking myself some pertinent questions. I dont like buying stuff in Lagos due to pricing and sometimes questionable products, but i think i overdo it when i leave town.

I will be breaking my one post  per day quota today. I need to separate my thoughts.



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  1. Glad your headache is gone. You really have alot of make up, I’m completely clueless in that area. I’ve tried to use them but I keep forgetting, I guess it’s not just my thing.

    When it comes to shoes I’m a champ. I love all types either heels or flats, I’m all in.

    Hair products, I’m a recovering product junkie.

    P.S you know we all love you here na.


  2. The headache was a warning that you needed rest 🙂 glad you are fine now. All this make up for you??? Product junkie! Make up is one job that stresses me out,sometimes I just ignore it. Been rocking my lip balm n powder all week,when I have the time again I ll indulge in face painting.


  3. I do heels and flats. It depends on the mood I’m in.

    About the make up, Wow! Just for you?

    I agree with hubstar. 🙂

    I’m sure you’ll choose the headache over barotrauma. Looking forward to when none happens…


  4. Well, everyone has got an addiction . Glad u r working on urs. Glad u r better


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