Trade In

Happy Monday. Lagos i am backkkk! So i have traded in my Uggs for the pair of shoes below.


Got into Lagos this morning at 5.50am, but somehow we didint make it to the island till about 9.30am. I am beyond exhausted. Flights to Lagos remind me why i need to make money and pray and support my husband to do the same.

Lets just say economy isnt working out for me on this particular flight leg. “Nigerians can like to overpack luggage and hand luggage”. Thank God my hubstar is a gold flier on Virgin, imagine my amusement  when the virgin attendant asked if we “arrived by limousine”, i wanted to say “hell yeah, heathrow express limo”. So we were able to by-pass the long lines of life and Nigerians with their 50 luggages a piece. My husband gave me the foresight to check my hand luggage.  I gladly did, but my handbag ended up being real heavy because of laptop and hard drives.

To get on the flight, we waited till the final call. After i settled down in the lounge and ate a burger as i wasnt going to gamble with the inflight dinner. Anyway, thats how we got on, folks hustling for overhead bin space.  Nigerians i tell you. I need to at least be in premium economy going forward. I have never minded economy, but Nigerians turn the flight into a danfo experience

Folks get up when the seatbelt lights are on. Despite warnings from attendants. I had friends who worked for Emirates airlines and they say Nigeria is the flight for beginners and offenders, because passengers are ao unruly. Before we got towed to the gate, folks were standing. Like nuuh immigration aint going to fast track you, and you are still  going to wait for the bags anyway. We are all likely to be stuck in the same damn lagos traffic.

My head is pounding.  I need to get some decent shut eye
The week is looking ridiculously busy. When work and blessings show up, they are indeed showers. I cant complain. Have a blessed week.

There is gonna be a giveaway this week. Not sure when, but once my house is clean, it will happen.



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  1. Thank God you’re back and safely too. Quite an experience, but you always know what to expect.

    The shoes are lovely. I’m glad I didn’t see barotrauma in the post. I want to believe it didn’t happen. 🙂 Thank God.

    Rest well. I hope to read more from you now.


  2. Glad you landed safely. Welcome back to lasgidi where everything is a struggle Lol. Keep basking in God’s blessing you deserve it.


  3. Thank God you had a safe journey. I also remember flying to Nigeria for the first time as an adult, in 2010 and I alternated between feeling amused and being upset at the behaviour of my fellow travellers. It sha made the journey more interesting…Nigerians are so unique lol!

    Good luck with your busy week and achieving all you plan to.


  4. Welcome back home, like Enjay i’m glad i didn’t see barotrauma in the post, i actually prayed for you when you said you were coming back.

    Thank God for work and blessing showing up.

    i wish you and everyone here a lovely week.


  5. Welcome back dear. May this month of March usher greatness and. Blessing.

    Happy new month to my blog buddies


  6. chukwukadibia // March 2, 2015 at 18:00 // Reply

    Welcome back,thank God for his journey mercies..I want that shoe you wearing,it looks like a size 40,my size *GRIN*


  7. Anonymous Aboki // March 2, 2015 at 18:00 // Reply


    I’ve being following your blog for some time now, and its such a thrill; not in the pop culture “thrill” kind of way though. I sha enjoy it.
    I’ve looked to follow/subscribe but, can’t seem to find the button or space to provide my email address -what’s up with that, help?

    PS. Happy new month everyone.


  8. Welcome back!


  9. Welcome to Lagos hun.


  10. Welcome back to lasgidi maam. The land of sweltering heat and fuel scarcity


  11. Welcome back Mrs pynk :D,thank God for journey mercies


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