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Hope your week was worthwhile ? Well as for me i managed to make it to yoga class on Friday . And boy i tell you there is nothing more ambitious than going to hot power yoga with a bad cold during Lenten season. I shook, shimmered, fell a few times trying to do the warrior 3 Aka aeroplane. The level of sweating was epic. But it was my best class yet at the Indaba studio. Yoga is the primary reason i am not ready to leave london.

On another note, why do Nigerians say “i will give you a dirty slap”? What exactly is a dirty slap? Is there such a thing as a clean slap?  My husband and i kept trying to figure it out while watching the great debaters movie 2 or so nights ago. Most other cultures just call it a slap. A slap is a slap no?

I have finally gotten around to watching scandal on Friday . I am currently on season 2. I am a binge tv watcher. I can watch a show for the whole day- an entire season and not watch tv for a few days. My husband complains, but i dont see why i should wait to watch a show once a week. Makes no sense to me. I am still not sure which i prefer, House of cards or Scandal…what say you? At least i crocheted a beenie, trying to finish the scarf for my 4 year old niece. I dont follow patterns well, so this was a big accomplishment for me in that i like to just work straight through. I plan on doing a lot more with crochet stuff since it seems like everyone is having a baby and i also have a few other ideas to package for gifts. Maybe someone will pay for the stuff afterall, or giveaways on the blog.

When i get up later today, i plan on going to portobello street market. Not sure what i am looking for, but i just want to get the walk in for excercise sake. And maybe eat a crepe just because.



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  1. Oyibo things,i wounder how it feels after yoga,never done it before…


  2. Hahaha. How can u even compare house of cards to Scandal? Abeg oooooh. House of cards all the way! The only reason why there isn’t as much noise about it is because it is exclusive to Netflix so not everyone has access to it


  3. Ah I’m glad you’re back to doing yoga because I’m leaving my yoga life through you.

    As per the slap there’s a difference between and ordinary slap and a dirty one o. A dirty slap will reformat the recipient.

    Apart from comedy, I find it hard to watch series per episode. I usually wait till the whole thing is wrapped up before I start watching. I can’t deal with all the suspense. I guess that’s why I’m not watching scandal despite the hype.


  4. A dirty slap will turn ur head and make you see stars.lool what of if I daze you?


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