The prize is in surprise

So the prize is in surprise  is a line from the willy wonka movie. I am changing that to the “price is in surprise”. This week has been an interesting  one. Considering i had stayed indoors on monday and Tuesday for no reason. Just wasn’t  feeling overwhelmingly good. Turns  out i have a cold.

Anyways my title is about being set back. So i just learnt officially i have to restart the registration for the school all over again with CAC. I have lost a year. I am actually not angry. Lent or old age must be good for me. I find it almost alarming that i am not angry. I have made a decision to change lawyers though. As i am low on funds and i cant afford to pay anyone twice to do the same thing over.

On another note i ended up on oxford street. My chest is high like Jamaicans would say. I wanted a bag for my mom for her birthday is 2 weeks. I wanted a Furla for her, £600 :'( but i have no money. So i carried myself to Dune for a lot less. E go better.

I am heading back to Lagos in a few days. Maybe i will lose some weight once i get back.



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  1. Really sorry about the set back concerning the school, the Lord will restore all you’ve lost speedily and everything will workout for your good. i’m glad you’re not letting it weigh you down.

    i’m sure you’re mum would love her gift and you would be able to do more at the right time.

    Safe journey back to lagos.


  2. I’m sorry about the CAR registration wahala. All things work together for your good. Keep the faith.

    E must better. I’m sure she’ll appreciate whatever you give her regardless of the price tag.

    About losing weight, not maybe oo. Remember you have a race to run *wink*

    Have a safe and wonderful journey home without barotrauma, I pray.


  3. Sorry about the CAC registration set backs are there for a reason,just look on the bright side 🙂 and stay positive.
    No matter the amount of the gift,its always precious because its coming from the one that she loves 🙂


  4. Not all setbacks are bad you know.. why hasn’t your solicitor been able to sort it out tho? If you like i can clarify the process from my mum who has a registered school. xoxoxoxo


  5. So sorry about the CAC registration its a good thing you’ve kept your composure. I always like to think everything happens for a reason (but sometimes i’m like ok… may I know the reason at least…lol). You are being proactive by changing lawyers and that’s another great step. I pray you have a safe journey home, and I’m sure your mom will appreciate whatever you give her ☺.


  6. Sorry for the setback.

    As commenter Lifetitudesblog said, you can seek advice from her mum. I don’t believe in the ‘due legal process’ in Nigeria. You should find the right people to do the necessary for you and I don’t mean anything illegal or contrary to your faith. I’m certain if you want your documentation done before March’s end, it can be made possible.

    Happy birthday in advance to your mum. Hope she gets to see her birthday wishes on your blog? Safe trip back to lagos also.


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