Sunny on the ….

I dont know where the sunny is today. This London rain combined with the fact that yoga class today was reaching. Who knew coming down to a sitting position and breathing out would cause dizzy spells. Mchew, more like dizzy on the inside.

I have a problem, i admit. I am a hair product junkie. I find myself being able to let go of many things in my life but i dont like sharing my hair products. And whenever i see hair products i attempt to buy. It takes the grace of God for me to walk out of a beauty supply store without at least one hair product. I spend more on hair products than my body and i find myself doing stuff like trying to wash my hair every 2 days so i can speed through the products quicker. As we speak, i have about 2 litres or maybe 3 of shampoo, another 3 of rinse out, possibly 6 liters of leave in conditioner,  curl creme, i also have probably 4 or 5 different leave in conditioners. Its a problem. I have 5 or 6 different oils etc. Hairpins and shower caps to last 5years, hair brushes and combs. All in Lagos. And my hair products i absolutely refuse to share.

I only give my mom stuff occasionally.  Like  i will go through my stash and give her the cheaper stuff. I have never considered  a hair product give away. What prompted this post? I went to Sheperds bush market and i came back home with the items below and some yarn.


So admittedly i have a problem and i dont want help. I guess i am just going to have to live with it. Also i was going to wait till December to big chop my hair, i think i will do it on my 21st birthday in june. Warrahell, i will book the appointment wih Kemi Kings and let her do whatever, just chop off the permed ends if i have any left by then.

On 2nd thought maybe i will crochet initial blankets  and figure out a way to sell them on etsy? Or other things. I need to start making money. Lol. I am making blankets for my almost here twin nieces. Finished one, started the 2nd and i must mail it to America by midweek.


How is the week going? It almost friday, i hope whatever  you gave up for lent is working out so far?



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  1. Lol trust me I understand about being a product junkie. Every time I try to tell myself to stop buying, I justify it with the fact that my hair has grown from neck length to APL.
    so its not money wasted. I just ordered for some sef. The day you decide to do a give away on hair products I have dibs on them!

    You crochet really well, you should try selling them, who knows it just might grow beyond your expectations.


  2. I hope the week ends well. Presently, I’m just going through it.

    I just started paying attention to my hair, thanks to the error of using a ‘super’ relaxer. My hair became scanty and uneven in length. I’m having thoughts of cutting it off. But then, I’m do sure I’ll look like a high school student, no thanks to my size 8.


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