Sunny on the Inside

Heyýyyyyyay yall. Hey yall. Hope you had a fantastic Valentines?  Well mine turned out surprisingly interesting.  Hubstar showed up…surprise…got my first set of flowers from him ever. Baby steps. Lol. When he was talking to me initially,  some other guy sent me 100 roses in Lagos. I dont even want to think about that bill, so he got irritated. We ordered pizza and stayed home with the family.

I hope your valentine’s was interesting in the least? Any proposals, vow renewals, rekindled romances etc? Or should i say how was your weekend?

So back to my topic. Yoga has been going well however i learnt a few mew things today. The weather to a certain extent affects my mood. Today was gloomy and rainy – sounds like London. The yoga instructor said to be sunny on the inside. I also finally did a backbend, I am getting there. Awesome possum.

I got a new yoga mat, strap and yoga pants etc.

I wish you a lot of sunniness  on the inside. I think thats my new approach to life.  LET’S BE SUNNY ON THE INSIDE.
The valentine’s giveaway  is still open in the valentine’s -what is it to you post.

I wish  you a mentally  sunny week.



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  1. My Valentine weekend was fine.I went out on vals day, but only because i didnt want to stay at home and feel miserable thinking about my ex. i went to see a movie and had dinner with my cousin and a friend and it was actually better than i expected. Sunday was awesome we had singles seminar in church and i really learnt alot.

    You make yoga sound so interesting. but i’m scared of doing any form of exercise, i struggled to get to a UK size 6 and i cant afford to loose even 1/2 kg.

    Thank you for the sunny wish, i wish you and all readers the same.


  2. hubby came, abi?! No wonder you went AOL on us. 🙂

    Spent mine with my children as hubby works in a different state. We had a little get together for ourselves. And it continued on Sunday.

    Yoga, hmmmmmm… you’re changing my perspective. However, apart from meditation, like Zoe, I can’t afford to lose 1/2 kg too. 🙂


  3. Spent mine at work. Surprisingly had a lot of patients. I guess a lot of lagosians decided to use d day of love to show love to their dr by coming en masse to d hospital. Lolz. 100 roses? nna mehn, dat bill go plenty ooo


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