Happy Valentine’s Day

May your love be pure  and genuine.  May the day  be filled with good intentions.  Happy Valentine’s day. Show someone that you care i guess. Lol. To those in Lagod may he traffic not drive you mad as even cooking all companies have valentine’s competitions and promos. I can bet even the local mechanic has a love you car promo….

My hubstar sent me this yesterday


I wish you all the best today. Heading out to M&S and church street  market now.

The giveaway is still open in the previous post…please leave your email address for a chance to win.



7 Comments on Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Love is all we need. Happy valentine’s day… Liawnkryst@yahoo.com


  2. Happy Valentine’s day pynk.
    Happy Valentine’s day blog readers.

    Wish you all Love, today and forevermore.


  3. Happy Valentines Day, Pynk and Pynkers. :). I love what your hubby sent you.


  4. chukwukadibia // February 14, 2015 at 16:19 // Reply

    I have been stalking my friends dps on bbm,noticed some people have changed boos from the old ones I used to know,i wonder why I am finding it hard to get over this person who clearly dosent’s care about me…Hapy vals day to the genuinely happy couple. Cutearies14@yahoo.com


  5. Happy valentines day to you and all readers. May love always abound in out hearts.


  6. Happy vals day to you all. Hope you guys had fun.


  7. Happy valentine’s day, 2 days late but it’s the thought that counts right? Hope you had a great day and an allround fantastic weekend.



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