Valentines – what is it to you?

First of all, thank you all for your gift of prayers for my family. I am truly appreciative. Now onto the real topic of the day. Valentines day. You know i used to love valentines day,  but since i moved back to Nigeria in 2010 i have hated it. At this point i am sort of irritated by it in Nigeria especially.

Love shouldnt only be celebrated on one day of the year. There are 365 days a year, but Nigerians seem to think its only on Valentines  day that they must show their love. What this creates is traffic jams, overbooked bakers and over full resturants. So you now ask the question of why?

Like i said there are 365 days in most years, the guy that has been nasty or indifferent to his partner all year round is now “valing” her and vice versa. Those who cannot take their partners anywhere on a normal day now act like if they dont go out for valentines day, they will die. Folks act like if they dont get gifts  they are loved less and if they get gifts they are loved more.

Every business in Lagos is taking advantage of valentines day. Opportunists if you ask me. People that sell lace are selling “valentines” hamper. When did fabric and nail polish in the same basket constitute a lover’s gift? I understand bakers or confectioners and even resturant having specials, but nail polish for valentines day? Is your girlfriend or lady friend a manicurist? kilode.

My husband and i never quite celebrate valentines as in we never go anywhere. We buy each other gifts throughout the year and go on dates on weekdays to avoid crowds. I guess when you put an applied mathematician and lawyer together  we think of things differently.  I slipped a big box of chocolates  into my husbands luggage  with a hand written card last week. Till he gets back next week to London i am sure he wont realise, till he unpacks before he leaves to come back. And we will take ourselves on some sort of date. I want to try the bbbakery bus tour in london too. I think the bakery bus is such a novel idea, something like that would be nice for interstate travel in Nigeria.

Anyways what are your thoughts about valentines?  It would be helpful to  know if you are male or female. Also what does love mean to you?

In the spirit of love, the givewaway will be open till Feb 16th is a N5,000.00 gift  card  for deal day as they have  a variety of options. When you share your thoughts on Valentines day, kindly leave your email with your comment.

I wish you a fabulous weekend and hope you dont get caught up in the rush.



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  1. Valentine’s day is the day Nigerians go crazy with love,everyone wants to out do each other. Every guy wants to feel like the perfect guy and every lady wants to act like she’s the happiest girl in the world. Yet,one thing is missing,what happens after that day?
    I show love to my loved ones everyday,I buy gifts everytime I’m feeling generous,Lol.
    Valentine’s day is just another normal day to me, I always turn down any outing on that day because like you said everywhere is always crazy.


  2. It’s the Lagos traffic that upsets me the most! Funny thing is that for some weird reason I always get to work late on valentine’s day, last year I was at work till about 9.30pm and honestly all I could think of was to go home and sleep!
    This year however, I have to be with a very dear friend of mine who lost her mum 2 weeks ago, so that’s the plan for Saturday. But really, it’s pretty annoying how crazy every where is on valentine’s day; I would much prefer a quiet evening at home with the significant other; but hey that’s just my opinion!
    Hope everyone enjoys the season and remember to appreciate your special someone all year round and not just on February 14th.

    P.S: forgive my long comment, I always get carried away!


  3. Valentines day is like every other day to me but showing love is an everyday thing with or without gifts… I always get trilled by ur write ups…


  4. Val, val val, lots of girls will either get pregnant, disvirgined, or whatever. See what Jega has caused. They should have left the voting for 14th intact.

    Val’s day for me is a day to show love to the less privileged around me, something I have been doing since my days in university of Benin.

    I’d also make a nice delicacy for my hubstar, he loves prawns. So I’d make him some coconut rice, with prawn sauce and some mixed vegetables.

    I also started a course on open2study (strategic management).

    Thanks Oyinda for the pointer. I’m loving the whole thing.

    Wish you and hubby a love filled Val ahead.


  5. My dear Clare, true talk ooo. This INEC people would have saved some lives.

    Like Pynk said, there’s 365 days in a year, love shouldn’t be shown on special days eg. valentines day or ones birthday. It’s expected. Why not do the unprecedented? Show love on any day and to anyone. Pleasant surprises are always the best.

    I just wrapped my children’s gift for the Val mates, for a female friend and a little sweet toddler in the creche section of the school.


  6. Valentine’s day is just hyphed and no one wants to be leftout. I guess its just the feeling of being special to someone that makes people want the works. Please the open2study site,must I use a system to learn or can I use a phone.


  7. Valentine’s day has always been a normal day to me even when I was in a relationship. No difference tomorrow & everyday should be to show love…


  8. I would go to work and com back home nd


  9. I think vals day should be spent doing something special. We need these special days , it helps us to remember n dedicate time n effort to who we love. True, love should be shown each day bt a special day is important. Same reason I believe we celebrate Christmas, our bdays, mothers day etc. We don’t need to go overboard or enter debt just cos of vals day celebration sha o.


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