Hey all of you.  Hope the week has been going well or at least ok? Today would have been my brother in laws 38th birthday. Its looking to be a hard day. Please keep my family in your prayers.

I pray for grace in all our lives to be able to accept that which we cannot change and still understand God is at work.
I will be back with a post tomorrow.



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  1. I just said a prayer for you!


  2. It is well. You’re in my prayers already. *hugs*


  3. It is well. You’re in my prayers already. *hugs* Happy Posthumous birthday to him. He’s celebrating with the angels. I’m sure that’s way better than earth. 🙂 be happy, I’m sure he is.


  4. I just said a prayer for you and your family, May the peace of God be with you guys.


  5. As we say in Cameroon..Assiya oh!! Hugs to you and yours my dear. Life is terribly unfair & unjust but at the end of it all you have each other, you have his kids, you have the love of his life on this side to celebrate his short life on earth. I wish peace particularly to your mother-in-law. We lost my sister to breast cancer when she was 40 to breast cancer. It was hard for all of us, but hardest for my folks and her kids. Time numbs the pain.


  6. Thinking of you all. May you all find the courage to face today, and all the other difficult days that may come in the future.



  7. Happy posthumous birthday to him & my prayers are with ur family,may God continue to strengthen u all.

    This week has been too emotional for me,been remembering & thinking of my late bro nonstop. Almost 2 mnths & I still find it hard to believe he’s truly gone.time I believe will heal it all


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