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Yeah you read correctly. Happy monday..Many women will never be satisfied  with their bodies, we are always trying to lose weight, tone up, shape our eyesbrows better, grow longer hair etc.

In listening to a conversation  between two women in their 60’s both with 5 and 6 kids respectively,  they were both talking about how to lose weight from about 85kg. Apparently this whole body image thing never stops until women die. My mom was rushing me off the phone yesterday -something about intruding on her excercise  time. My mom is like 45 seconds to being 60. We were talking about Yoga and she was asking maybe i can teach her and she can gather her friends or other people to pay me per class. Poor me who is still struggling to find my balance after my time off. Lol. I am motivated, at least i can put it up as one of my money making potentials. Determined to put myself on track for Yoga instructor  courses before the year runs out. Since everybody in lagos charges so much, maybe i can undercut them.

So when i woke up this morning after a measly 5 hours of sleep, i opened instagram. First lets do some background.. Big  butts became  fashionable in the last 10 years maybe. As someone who was more butt than anything else since high butt isnt ginormous but its well noticeable…i had considered  a slight reduction. Anyways all these women with small thighs began showing up…think mostly video vixens with big butts. I know women with really big butts and small waists, but never small thighs. Most women with butts have hips and thunder thighs…if you do squats your butt gets firmer and your thighs are toned but amplified…been there done that.

Back to instagram, many fitness models telling people to do squats etc but they stay having skinny thighs. Lol. A handle which i follow..has started exposing  them with before and after pictures. Many have denied ever getting work done, but talk about false advertising…these siliconer and fat filler butts.  They make other women like me paranoid..most big butts also have stretch marks, these people have cottage cheese free stretchless well round butts. It has been an interesting morning, all imma say is “Daris God oh”.
Lesson in all this, I am ok with how God made me, but will continue working out to keep his work looking nice. I will never envy anyone with a size 26 waist, and 40 inch hips. I will be content with my 31inch waist and 42inch hips. I will be content with the fact that i have thighs and stretchmarks and some jiggle. Contentment  is really important as i dont have the courage for plastic surgery or the money anyway.

I wish you a jiggle filled week.. Just because i can.



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  1. Lol. Jiggle filled week indeed. Contentment is the word. And also be proud of you. Skinny. Fat. Tall. Short. Dark. Fair. Variety is the spice of life. God has a good reason for making us the way we are. Yes, you can work on becoming a better you but don’t go overboard.


  2. Hilarious post!!! What. Women want…..endless.


  3. Stay healthy,stay fit,stay happy!all others,not a worry


  4. Lmao. Funny post. I concur wit ya fully, and I had a jiggle filled week. Lolz


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