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In my mind i had posted after the chicken post. Happy new week everyone, how is it going? My topic today is marriage…i am not here to give advice, it isnt that type of post. Lol.

Its funny how marriage does things to people. You learn to like what your spouse loves and vice versa right. Some of it is outright funny, some of the said things are just crazy. So true story below.

Telemundo is the biggest thing to happen to Nigerian women since the introduction of cable in Nigeria. Telemundo has slightly better story lines than nollywood but far better production. So many people switched  to telemundo. I am still team -nollywood  (yoruba only). Anyway telemundo has crazy love soap operas like “fearless heart” – yes thats really the name of one of them. Thats how the names of most of them sound.. “bleeding love” etc.

So my aunt (hubby’s aunt) who is about 62 shows up in london and the first thing she discuses with my mother in law is telemundo- They are  sisters. In her time from Lagos she has instructed her 70 year  old husband who still runs his own offfice; on when to watch telemundo and please spare like n1k credit and call her to tell her what happened in the shows for the day. And he did.

The bizzare  part of all this is the man is a disciplinarian  and for everytime i see him i am just gonna be shaking  my head. As in uncle, actually watches telemundo? Hahaha. Marriage- by association makes you guilty of certain things. He obviously knows the story lines too. Lol.

My husband made me watch Game of thrones and i have also made him watch “say yes to the dress”. But we watch it together, not a watch it on my behalf kind of thing. Thats what 40 years of marriage does to people.

Just thought i would ligten up the day.
I wish you a fulfilling week ahead.



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  1. I’d rather sleep than be caught watching Telemundo, it drives me crazy when people talk about it. Marriage makes people compromise on a whole lot of things, even when you are not married,you just want to make your partner happy by being interested in a program or sport he loves.


  2. Well, I know its true love when a gal makes me enjoy watching telemundo. Lolz.


  3. Marriage encourages sharing and it can be amusing the forms sharing takes in different marriages. Basically, all relationships even pre-marriage relationships usually have one form of sharing, starting from the basic – sharing of time.

    That said, well it’d be a challenge for her to get me to watch Telemundo and all the sappy love stories/drama. Always been a sucker for Hollywood movies and action/suspense filled series.


  4. Aww, now that’s true love.


  5. Yay! I love afmag yoruba too,as for telemundo they are so obvious in their storyline that I can write their script but my mum loves it so I watch it at times.


  6. A friend tried initiating me to watch telemundo but I just don’t have that patience for their silly suspense & must watch everyday.she has finally gotten me with married again on zee world sha,dstv 166 but I still refuse to be sick if I miss it unlike her. Lol
    I might make my future partner watch health/surgery shows if he isn’t into it sha cos I like


  7. Now I’m wondeirng how my marriage will survive? We stubbornly refuse to be dragged into each other’s interests . I refuse to watch sports, he refuses to watch anything else . He goes too footie on Sunday I go to church…I’m not sure if it is good situation or bad situation LOL


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