So chicken quack quack oh my bad thats a duck…cuckarookoo? Maybe. So today i went to Portobello street since i skipped yoga. I have decided to be a trekker in the UK. I took my time so about 1.5 hours total walking. It should help my fitness level and weight loss, given that i am seemingly slowing down on running. I should probably try and weigh myself now.

So chicken..there are soo many chicken  fast food joints across the globe its amazing. Now every omnivore likes chicken unless you are vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian (seafood – check spelling). Point  is we all love chicken for the most part.

I find it somewhat amusing that everyone has their own chicken chain that makes them happy. My chicken chain is Nandos, no matter how bad my mood is, i cheer up when i see a Nandos. Which is bizzare, because in America there isnt Nandos to the best of my knowledge. My love affair with Nandos began in 2008 in Dubai. Lol.  As you can aptly guess, i spotted the one in Bayswater on my trek. I will leave you to imagine the rest. Lol.

My mother’s fave chicken chain is kfc, my brother and his wife prefer Popeyes, my mother in law likes Kfc and cottage chicken, my aunt in brooklyn likes southern  fried chicken. My husband likes chicken republic in Lagos, my one brother loves all of them, my former colleague likes TFC. You get my drift. My choice is chicken republic in Lagos for now. I almost had a nervous breakdown when i heard Nandos in Lagos closed, but they did serve me emaciated looking chicken a few times…(in my fat girl voice- “i think they were using Agric chicken”…i think they are called old broilers or something).

I literally  bounced the entire way home. Out of curiosity, whats your favourite chicken chain? Feel free to tell why, i promise I wont judge.

I got this awesome picture of my nephew #3 (nickname Ismaila – he smiles at everybody including area boys)- he is 16 months old. Kinda sad cos his mom (my bros wife) is travelling and wanted to know when i would be back in Lagos. She wanted to leave Ismaila with me for 10 days. For someone without kids, my siblings sure as hell trust  me with their kids. Lol. He gets  to go to Grandma with his nanny. Ismaila visited his moms office and someone put their tie on him. Lol.


PS: my husband said he knew my mom was his mother in law when she showed him how to “skele-you”. Thats how she pronounces it. Since they admitted this Americana to Unilag, she comes home with all sorts…i just cant deal.



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  1. TFC it is. Apart from KFC, personally I find them greatly customer centred. The excessive sweetners in KFC’s makes them my less preferred.


  2. Awww your nephew is so cute!

    Southern fried in Abuja.ah the chicken there is so juicy, succulent and sweet. now i feel like having one.


  3. I’ll go with KFC. Once, I was served free ice cream while waiting for my order. They also have a drive through service. Isaac John branch.

    I loved your PS. Indeed, I can imagine your mom doing the steps. Lol. Student Grandma. Iya o ni gba……


    • And your nephew is so cute. Was going to match make him and my daughter but she’s 10 months older. 🙂 just kidding.


  4. I must be a weirdo cos I DO NOT like chicken. Chicken is the last meat I’ll select. A lot of times, I actually pass on having any meat if chicken is the only option.

    There’s actually Nandos in yankers oh. I’ve been to one in Silver Springs, MD. Don’t know if there are others.

    your nephew is such a cutiepie.


  5. Cute nephew. I love all kinds of chickens . Used to love KFC bt I had so much one day n now , am not so gung ho abt it.


  6. Your nephew is so cute… Chicken is not just my fav,I prefer fish.


  7. I love KFC but can eat any really so far it’s well cooked.
    Ur nephew’s really cute,looks like Kaydee’s son.
    Finally redeemed my voucher this week since dec,thanks alot what I got.


  8. Ohh but why did Nandoos in Lagos close? Never been but just curious as I owudl have thought it’d be the type of franchsie that would do well in Nigeria


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