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Hey hey hey! Hope everyone is having a somewhat interesting week  thus far? So as you  read, i want to discuss social media. Some of these things i type i have are thoughts that go through my head and conversations i have with my self.

Social media -flickr, facebook, bbm, whatsapp, instagram, keek, kik, googleplus, googlehangout, msn, reddit, tumblr, skype, twitter,etc you catch my drift? In this day and age you can even link all your accounts. While social media is a stupendous blessing, i have come to notice that people have no filter or boundaries.

I am talking about oversharing. I logged onto facebook as usual in one of my bored moments.  I noticed a friend had put up a picture  of her son in the hospital hooked onto stuff. He was obviously sick but was that a picture that you have been shared with the world while he was in the hospital? I see people put up funeral pictures,  casket pictures and i wonder. I also have friends who i dont call simply because i read their timelines and i get a sense of their state of mind. So no point in sending any correspondence.

Then there are those who share pictures when they get on the plane, off the plane, enter the lounge, food they ate or are eating etc. Is it to prove to the world  that you are jetsetting or is it to get the likes?  Or are these likes giving  these people the validation  they need in their everyday lives? Or have we gotten to the point that we need heavy external doses of validation? People get upset when you dont make them your bb display picture on their birthdays etc. Before a couple gets the chance to post their own wedding pictures, someone else has posted them all over facebook.

The issue that promoted this topic really was a newborn that was found around abule egba in Lagos. People took pictures of the baby @ 10am and the baby was there till 5pm when child welfare services  showed up. Have we become soo desensitised that we leave a newborn to die but take its pictures? Sorry but what is the point in taking the pictures? To show the world? Or like people who take pictures of accidents, if you arent going to help what are you lingering for? I have been in a war zone, i have seen death and many tragic things, the least i do is say a prayer. I would hope if i was in an accident  someone would help me as opposed to taking my picture to send it out on social media.

Does someone need to teach social media etiquette?  I am sure theres a market for it.

I might break my one post a day rule. I believe its easier to follow one train of thought in every post. Thats if i am not busy taking selfies  in the shower-pun intended.

To the commenter who wanted to know how to measure water, either use the water  bottle from bottled water to check or think about 8 normal (note not orobo) glasses  make about 2 litres. A normal cup is about 8 ounces.

Skipping yoga today, my body is paining me. Will go walking instead, maybe i will trek to Buckingham palace as per exercise…i am sure its real far. Lmao. Enjoy your week.



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  1. I was really shocked when I heard about the poor baby! This world is turning really callous. Imagine taking pictures instead of taking the baby to the nearest hospital. It’s possible they also didn’t want to be dragged around by the police cos that is another level of problem altogether. Reminds me of the idiot paparazzi during princess Diana’s accident. God help us in this world.


  2. Everyone wants to be noticed,you practically know what goes on in their lives just by viewing their social media. The word privacy is going into extinction.
    I just couldn’t finish reading the news about the baby because I was angry. Its pathetic


  3. The news of that baby was really pathetic. the one that makes me mad is people uploading pictures of the body in the casket! why on earth will someone do that, i have cracked my brain for several valid reasons, i just dont get it.

    kindly break the rule of one post per day, post as many as you would love to, i love reading your blog.


  4. Several reasons motivate people to post pictures, words, videos, media etc on social media. You would also expect temperament to be a deciding factor on which pictures get posted. An introvert with many picture worthy experiences might only have a picture on his/her profile as against an extrovert who is likely to post as many pictures whether they are picture worthy or not.

    That said, I won’t deny the excessive posting of pictures on social media that aren’t supposed to be shared. I concur that some form of education on social media etiquette be adopted. However, I’v come to respect the territories of people and their profile, thus if you continue to post items I consider undesirable, I just de-friend, delist or delete your contact profile from my network, or I could caution my e-communication with you.

    As regards the baby post, its sad that we are reverring pictures and the benefits we can get from them over life and humanity.

    I don’t think the blame is entirely on the ‘picture takers’, the system also is to be blamed. I have heard a story years ago, I believe it was on the news of how a man driving comes across a partially dieing man, informs and beckons on nearby policemen to do their professional duty but these policemen refused. The good samaritan further suggests that he’d carry the dieing person, just that he needs a policeman for hospital documentation (some hospitals refrain from treating certain types of accidents or bullet injury without a police report) and yet these policemen refused. I think the dieing man finally died. The Nigerian welfare system, sadly doesn’t put much value on life, it’d be difficult to expect a radical difference from the individuals.

    I still feel that taking pictures in emergency circumstances shouldn’t be done with, as these pictures inform us of happenings in our surroundings, gives us a better and robust history and enables us make better decision with our daily lives and in government positions.

    In the case of the baby, taking of pictures was placed at a higher priority than the baby’s welfare which shouldn’t be the case especially when a number of Nigerians do that just to ‘trend’. This should also be a wake up call to the government that we as a society are gradually losing the fibres of our humanity.


  5. Thanks for answering my question about the water measurement.


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