I know you are wondering,  what the excitement  is about. To be honest with you not much really. I attended hot yoga, not bikram my preferred  but i wanted a studio close to home where i could walk 20 mins max and be there. I went to hot yoga at indaba for one hour today. The room is usually heated to about 35c degrees, bikram is about 40. Heat soothes your muscles.  The class worked…beyond what i expected.

Remember  i said i had been down, on saturday or so, i really thought i was going to break as in things hit that low emotionally. Hadnt eaten well in a few days etc. Today on my way to Yoga, i forgot to get water from home, so i stopped at Tesco (which i am often inclined to call “tescoat” like the paint – its the Nigerian in me) to get a bottle of water. Realising i didnt want to break my £5 note – i handed over my debit card and she asked for identification, so i gave my NYS drivers license. She goes oh you dont look Nigerian and i am thinking this one’s a bit obvious lady- Nigerian men have been sleeping with all other naionalities as far back as God knows- so hello what exactly  do Nigerians look like. Anyways she was smiling sheepishly, i told her to have a nice day.

I bounced  along to the Yoga studio. I had gotten an email prior about a lead, i had been on the lookout for, so that was good. Men the 1 hour in that studio gave me life, in that first of all i havent done yoga in maybe 2 years, but all my poses came back to memory not without pain but in terms of clearing my mind, it was like i was renewed when i walked out.

Ever wonder why people who practice yoga always seem in a more peaceful place? The practice allows you to let go of burdens. Maybe thats why some christians say its demonic, because you are only supposed to cast your worries on God..understandably. However yoga  doesnt replace God in my life, but its high on my top 10 list. Maybe there will be a studio in Lagos that doesnt charge armed robber prices, because frankly many of them do.

On the way back, i stopped by the korean/ chinese resturant  and had lunch. They have a special with soup, kimchi, bean sprouts and bibimap (rice,veg and beef in a hotpot, topped with a fried egg). I drank some more tap water. This is categorically the best day i have had in london. Sometimes less is really more. I was Asian in my previous  life, i love almost everything Asian, especially food- chinese and Filipino food are my least favourite though, but Korean, indian, french vietnames, Thai, burmese, Malay, singaporean – i will be there in a jiffy.

On another note, i found a charity close to home in Lagos, i have sent them  an email, so fingers crossed. If they accept volunteers  i will be sure to spread the word. I think we are generally  under the impression  that Nigerian  charities prefer material donations…well we will found out if this is a myth or truth. In the west volunteering is relatively easy – as simple as going to a school to read to the kids during your 1hour lunch break etc. Theres a lot of need around us, in Nigeria  the average  need is money, and it has gotten to the point we all chase it so hard that we forget its merely a tool. First world vs third world problems i guess.

Giveaways  will be back soon, a few weeks.. less monetary more other things..its a promise.



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  1. I like the fact that you make exercise a priority. That a habit I want to emulate once baby pops out soonest.

    As for the Korean hot soup, it sounds like fun.

    I tell people who care to listen that charity isn’t all about money. Giving your time also adds value.

    Keep having fun babe.


  2. You sure had a filled day. The exercise part just kept tormenting because I haven’t started mine,lol. That lunch is heavenly 🙂


  3. thelmathinks // February 3, 2015 at 22:02 // Reply

    Lol @ Tescoat. Please keep us updated on the charitees and volunteer work. But seeing as we probably don’t live in the same axis, I may need to look into finding one closer to home.


  4. I can’t exercise to save my life.lool except you count swimming.


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