Love is Revolutionary

Do you sometimes see the impact some people  are making in this world we live in? And the destruction some others propagate? Humans of NY on instagram inspired this post. They raised close to $1million for kids at the Mott Hall Academy in Brownsville Brooklyn NY to attend Harvard. I am a brooklyn baby and i can tell you sometimes where you are bred cannot be overcome in terms of progression in life.

Love to a certain extent heals the world.  At least thats my own opinion. Your show of love can be financial, emotional or just kindness? It really costs us nothing or almost next to nothing, but somehow we are inclined to simply think about ourselves.
My 100 days of giving is probably over, i dont even remember when it started i think September  or October. While most of it was done offline, a bit trickled down to this blog, some other blogs which i will not mention.

I am looking to occupy my time when i get back to Lagos. I have a few options before the school opens, get a job – which wont make me rich by any stretch of the imagination, volunteer at a children’s  home close to my house ( please if you know of any orphanages on the Island) that accept volunteers  please include it in your comment. I would prefer to work with children  under 5, it fulfils 2 things – i get to help out and teach kids, and i also gain experience. I also get to give some of my love to the kids, many adults arent too deserving or patient.

I believe love is Revolutionary, we can all do our own bit. A simple smile or good morning makes a difference.

I should be sleeping, but no sleep. Ready for yoga class tomorrow.



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  1. You have a good heart and your school will be blessed to be led/taught by you. Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration.


  2. For a very long time, i have been thinking of ways to do more emotionally and not just financially, but my schedule wont permit me to do much. i have only Saturday and part of Sunday to do everything i need to do apart from work. how can i work around this?


    • First, outline possible areas, you have a passion for volunteering. Passion because at some point, it is going to become exhausting and demanding and at such time, passion would be your driving force. This should spring up various areas you’d like. At this point you could browse the net on such areas to have a feel or added knowledge to know if you are a good fit.

      Next, try to identify organizations that offer such services to the public. A notable organization, one that is close to home, its management is what you are comfortable with, provides learning opportunity etc. Look for traits in the establishment that resonate with your personal principles. Usually these organizations might be governmental agencies (I’m sure lagos state has numerous bodies and Alausa, Ikeja would be a good enquiry point), religious organizations (big churches usually have public service units, you’d be amazed at how much they accomplish), NGO ( JCI, AIESEC etc are generic, you also have others that are specialized)

      You then select one or a few that works with your schedule which is your most limiting constraint


  3. Showing affection emotionally is one thing I love to do to people around me,someone looked at me one day and said ‘you don’t seems to have any worries in your life,because you always smile and it affects people around you’ I looked at him and said no matter what happens in your life,put it at the back of your mind and let love flows within You. I never get tired of doing that. I’m interested in volunteering on public health projects in lagos if you know any, plsss drop it in the comment section 🙂 thanks peeps.


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