Welcome February

Happy new month everybody. I wish you all that you wish yourself this new month and more. I hope you found time to talk to God today or some of the past  days? Today  i reached church, it was a good mass….no complain from me.

So as you know i crossed the pond back to the Queens own country. I miss IHOP and bargain diggs already. My post today is mostly centered  around oxford street…you guessed it PRIMARK!  You are probably  wondering my fascination  with primark? I can explain and justify many things and this i will explain.

I have been feeling a bit blue, for several reasons, after mass i went to sign up for Yoga at indaba by Lisson Groove and decided to go get looser workout clothes… you know two things spiral  into 10. So i got to Primarni..and i picked up the skinny sweats and a t-shirt and decided to go look in the kids section. Many people i know have kids, so i was trying to remember whose kids  i had left out of my shopping. I remembered  i left out my former helper’s daughter who she named after me. I picked  up two dresses and a pair of shoes. I also remembered  that i bought stuff  for my housekeeper from America in october but had to add to it. So i went looking for shoes oh.

In the process i heard commotion…yep you “garrit”. Once again someone was getting  arrested  in primark. I say once again because for every time i go to primark i see an arrest. And i am wondering to myself is life that bad that you are robbing the shitie*t store in town? Pardon my french. I am broke as is, but if i was to consider stealing,  primark wouldn’t  be my store of choice for several reasons.

UK residents/ know its- is it that primark doesnt press charges often? Because  todays incidence the guy that had the lady with her hands behind her back told her 2x “you are under arrest”. And if we have any lawyers in house, are the court processes for shoplifting dependent on the value of the merchandise stolen? Fine primark doesnt put security tags on their items, but if i were a thief i wouldnt be trying to steal from them as its the same level of effort for generally shi*ty merchandise. I mean selfridges, john lewis, M&S etc are on the same exact strip.

And oh of course the lady had to be black. All the Arabs and white people in the section were looking at another dark skinned  woman in the same section.

I am pleased to announce that i have finished 2 classes  on Open2study.  I am looking forward to yoga classes for the next 10 days. Its a nice distraction  and will help improve my physical and mental.

Have a productive  and fulfilling  week ahead.



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  1. Happy New Month too. Wish you your heart desires and much more


  2. Happy New month dear. I hope your desires come true especially the school opening!!!

    To all blog-visitors. God bless you now and always.


  3. Happy New month to you and all blog vistors. may all our hearts desires come true.


  4. People always have to steal in Primark it’s unbelievable!
    I had seen a woman shoplift at dorothy perkins once, so put quite a lot of jewellery in her bag and she walked out without getting caught! I did feel bad that she didn’t get caught and wondered if it did the right thing by just keeping quiet! But then again I have also seen people shoplift in poundland & Aldi and get caught,
    I guess my point is that, people just steal no matter how shi**y the store is!
    Happy new month, hope it’s a good month for us all!


  5. Happy new month folks. Wish ya a great new month


  6. I call it Pmani and the confusion in the large stores is comparable to Eko market in Lagos. Welcome to the month of love.. wink wink


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