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Hello everyone how is the going  going? I have crossed over to the other side of the pond.  My UK border patrol harassment  story is for another day.

So a friend called me up to just air her feelings about  a situation. Her friend  Tina called her up to tell her she was going to be an aunty. To the best of her knowledge,  Tina wasnt seeing anyone. So she said congrats and began probing.

Turns out Tina had an affair with her sister’s  husband’s  friend. Said affair has been going  on for 4 years. Tina’s sister has cut her off because of the issue. Anyways Tina has decided to birth  the child.

Now Tina has told her boyfriend’s  wife she is pregnant. Said boyfriend has 3 kids with his wife. Tina claims the wife embraced her and told her she would treat her like a sister and the wife’s mother told her she was welcome.

All that craziness aside, Tina makes beads for a living  in Lagos and is always around town with this woman’s  husband.

I am really short  of words, because  i dont believe a 30 year old woman could rob another  woman of her home and claim happiness.  Fine the man doesnt respect his home, but it takes two, no? Next she has no tangible  source of income, if a man can betray  a woman who he swore to God to love and protect, what keeps him from throwing her -Tina on the streets?

I am asking questions in my head and i keep thinking, maybe she simply has low  self esteem?  Or are they winching her from her village?  Bizzare things are happening.

Please feel  free to comment on the issue at hand.



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  1. Tina and her married bf are out of line but maybe he was fed up with his marriage? 4 years is a long time to tie yourself to a married man. Tina def has low self esteem. She should have the baby but not expect the man to treat her like a queen for long and the wife is only pretending, trying to keep the peace.


  2. I can only imagine how the wife would be feeling,shes seriously pretending…may God console her.karma is a bitch,thats all I know.


  3. Men and the things they do. It’s painful enough that he has been cheating on his wife for 4 years, he now adds insult to injury by having a child outside his home.

    As. For Tina, her day of reckoning will sure come.

    This is the height of betrayal. Honestly I sure don’t want to be in the “betrayed wife’s ” shoes.

    My 2 cents.


  4. Hehehe
    Do I really want to be married????


  5. There isn’t much to be said. The deed has been done and there isn’t much that can be done to salvage the situation.

    I’d encourage for all purposes and intents that the conceived child be birthed and not terminated. Life is sacred and should be preserved.

    As for the unfaithful husband, its safe to say his acts are shame worthy at the least. 4 years is quite a long time to keep a sidechic. He could as well have separated from his legally married wife instead of bringing shame to her and her children. He had better start making provisions for the soon to be birthed child.

    And to the wife, I symphatize with your plight. Its quite commendable that inspite of the betrayal, she is isn’t towing the belligerent path with the side chic. If need be, she can take some time off the marriage (separation, not necessarily divorce), also she’d need to make extra provisions for her children (not just financially but their emotional and psychological well being).

    Let’s just hope we all would have and exhibit the courage to keep to our committments and importantly our vows before God. Marriage although constraining is beautiful.


  6. Efe ne me…Happy new month everyone 🙂 I wish God’s blessings upon us all.


  7. Well, its possible the side chic needed a guy with deep pockets and d unfaithful husband fits d bill. That said, I commend d wife for not going gangsta on d side chick, however, I don’t think she should be close friends to her . Let her pls keep her distance from the sidechick, she shd be cordial n polite but no “we r sisters” crap. Lastly, Tina needs to give her life to Christ . Being comfortable in an adulterous relationship aint a good thing


  8. As for d cheating husband, that guy needs Christ urgently. Sleeping around with other ladies cos most likely tina isn’t d only one. Hiv is very real o. Pls don’t infect your long suffering wife.


  9. Hey don’t rule out the fact that some people can deal with a polygamous situation and might even be used to it. If they are all happy that’s their issue. I recently met a young modern man like probably not yet 30 years old sef …got along really well with him . Recently he turned up at a social function with two women …I was stunned when I was told both were his wives. I mean in my mine I thought the 2 wife thing was for the older generation not something a 28 year old Nigerian man educate din the states would do. ANy way I hoe the twist in this Tina story is that the wife’s 3 children are for another man not him BOOYAAAH!!!. That would explain why she is welcoming a mistress that has given him a child LOL….really the Yoruba movie industry needs me 😀


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  11. That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for contributing.


  12. Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brilliant posts.


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