Hello everyone, hope you are all well? The “snowrricane” wasnt as bad as these meteorologists claimed. Americans love reality tv, they overhype everything. Instead of the monstrous 3 feet of snow and biggest winter storm ever, we got  about 2 feet. People in Boston were harder hit than NY/NJ area though. Ever wondered what would happen if it snowed in Nigeria?  Your guess is really as good as mine.

You read today’s topic right. Instagram. Lmbao! Its been about 2 years i think since i joined instagram and it gives me life in the sense that there is always something to laugh at.

Makeup artists – they keep trying to convince us the beautiful  ones do not exist without their brushes. Have you seen some of the before pictures? I didnt give my traditional wedding makeup artist the right to post before pictures. I dont think my before is horrendous, as i dont wear makeup anyway. I guess they need to convince you why you should pay anywhere from n50k to n350k for one day of face painting. I wear just eyeliner, mascara and lipstick when i am stepping out. Below is a picture  from my nephews dedication on sunday – bare faced.


Instagram Models – i am really not sure what these women do for a living  but they are perpetually on private jets, getting their hair done, loubs and Jimmy Choo, Chanel et al. Well many people have gotten curious, some upset about the way these chics are flaunting on fleek. You catch my drift.
User- tagthesponsors and a few others have taken it upon themselves to expose these people – some are men. I follow this handle and its almost funny. Many of the women they approached were willing to engage in acts questionable and normal for a week of shopping and living fly in the middle east especially.  I guess prostitution  is still going strong and just went digital…All that glitters isnt gold, we keep learning that all day everyday.

Fashionistas -this group takes pictures of their outfits and make it look like it was something thrown together in 5 mins. #loubs#casualoutfit. Now we all know looking good is serious  business, so why make it seem so effortless?
User- fashiondads -makes a thorough mockery of these fashionistas by posting horrible pictures of themselves and using similar hashtags.

Naturalistas – OMG. This group i left for last. Everybody is a naturalista with a product line. If you follow more than 5 of these users, confusion  is likely to set in. Everybody has a different product which grew their hair (if you ask me , many were paid for advertising). And then people selling crap for 2x the cost. Whipped shea butter – shea butter mixed with some oils. People swear by products – your hair grows irrespective of what you do, unless you are on chemo or a drug addict. People be shouting cowash, seal, protective styling etc. All these fancy words for just wash you hair, dont strip it and mositurise well? Lets not even talk about the styles, you try some of the hairstyles and you end up looking like you came out of the wilderness after 5 years in. I have been natural 7 months and was going to chop off the relaxed portion by June, i have decided to extend my transition till December  2015.

On a hair side note, ORS is giving me life. My curls unleashed leave in conditioner was soooo hard to find i had to buy 4 or so bottles to take back to Lag. I have also resolved to use less shampoo, maybe once in 2 weeks and just wash with conditioner. I also got my replenishing  pak and argan oil deep conditioner packs. Going to try out ORS wash out conditioner also. I think i spend all my money on hair products.  My name is pynk360 and i am a hair product  junkie.

I head back to London town soon, land of all things expensive. London people i am suprised they dont tax you for breathing self. America is definitely land of plenty and abundance. Hubstar  bought 3 pairs  of US size 15 shoes for his brother for $110. He wonders how i find the deals. If i tell him, he wont respect my expertise, gotta stay relevant.

Ps: The tripican  giveaway has been claimed.

Enjoy the rest of your week.



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  1. Aww you and your nephew look so cute! I’m still not on instagram although I hear alot about what goes on their from people. Those makeup artistes are mean! They sometimes make the before pictures look worse than it actually is.

    On the hair note, welcome to the product junkie club, although I’m trying to repent, i have even created a hair budget. I use CON argan oil shampoo on my hair, it makes it so soft that I’m tempted to skip deep conditioning. My hair really loves CON shampoo and conditioner. I only use the ORS every touch (free in the relaxer kit).
    All the best on your transition, just keep your new growth moisturised and it will be happy.

    As per the deals, pls show me the way na, I promise to respect your expertise and not spill.


  2. I so love the natural look. I mostly use powder, lip gloss and eye pencil (if in the mood). Have no patience for making up. Used false lashes on my wedding day and by the reception, I yanked them off. So many show offs on instagram. I just browse through and smile.


  3. I think natural hair is hard work…it’s not easy to maintain..


  4. You’re so right. I really don’t understand the hype on instagram….like people are on a rat race and apparently the race has no end. I’m also natural and i’ve been natural for a year now but i’m not so much of a product junkie.I’ve just decided to take things easy, eat right and take proper care of my hair. Have a safe flight to london,would have loved to meet you but I’ll be moving back before you come


  5. I’m not on instagram. So…….

    I agree natural hair is hard work. My daughter won’t let you touch her hair without some serious drama. I had to use texturiser on it.

    Your vacation is really justified. :). It’s good to know you’re having fun. Just have enough of it before London.


  6. You and your nephew look lovely together in the photo!


  7. Another name for Instagram is fake,i am not on instagram and really i dont have the time to relish on some people’s fake life,my cousin wont let me rest when she’s on her page because she follows some of these celebrities. Naturalistas and their wahala,they try to shove every product down your throat,cant deal.


  8. Joined IG last month but I don’t go there. Boring . As u said, lotsa fake peeps. Lolz @ hair product junkie. Everyones got their addictns. That’s an amazing deal for ur hubstars shoes, esp if they r dress or formal shoes . Enjoy the weather o, cos lag is hot. Hv a great weekend


  9. Lovely picture with your nephew,Biko spill the beans am on a very tight budget as I am in school with 2 kids( diapers are crazy expensive) so I need every kind of deal


  10. Enjay!!! No can’t believe you gave up on your daughter’s hair LOL . My daughter’s hair is african african Kinky if you know what I mean and the key is to moisturize moisturize moisturize . She is still in early years but all I use is olive oil mixed with water in a spritz bottle and spray every morning to keep it moist. Do not yank or pull just comb gently whilst using yr fingers to hold down the roots to avoid any pain etc. I hope this helps if you decide to give it another go. I’m not preaching but I think the reason why women get stuck in this relaxer cycle in the first place is the art of looking after and maintaining natural hair isn’t passed down form mums to daugthers any more.


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