Literally confused

So i hope your week was off to a good start? I am snowed-in 3 feet of snow expected over a 30 hour period. Guess who’s stuck in the North East? You got that right – 2 days out of my 2 weeks and i am stuck indoors. I guess i will save money. Shior, on a positive note, that means i can finish my 2 courses on open 2 study. Finished one today already, will finish the other tomorrow before i cross the pond back to London  town at the end of the week.

Onto the main gist, what has me confused? I believe i witnessed  the most distasteful  sermon ever in my adult existence. Went to my brother’s mother in law’s church for my nephew’s dedication. Its a typical carribean church in Brooklyn, New  York. They had a visiting  preacher from Zambia,  the guy went on about sowing seeds as it was  the way to tap into God’s  blessing  in your life etc. Anyways why did this man  turn around and ask for them to collect 3 offerings? The first was the alleged seed- which he would pray over and we would be sowing  into his life?

I am confused isnt sowing a seed supposed to be in the direction your heart dictates? Its like me i know the seeds i plan to sow and i am still looking for ways around it. But no one can dictate to you how to sow a seed. God directs your heart. The guy as far as i was concerned came to pimp God that day.

The next issue i had was with a pastor praying for one of the babies to be dedicated, this dude said may she not be a pervert or a drug abuser. Whatever happened to simply  praying for the child’s life to be a reflection of God’s love and his will? I dont know if its old age worrying  me, or just me being Anglican and attempting to convert to Catholicism, it is well.

Have you ever been to a “house of God” and left more confused than when you walked in?

For those in Nigeria, how is election fever? I read Soludo’s article today and he has made the most sense of everything going on. I dont post such on my site, but its food for thought.  I dont even want to imagine how bad things are going to get in the upcoming months in Nigeria. It makes me angry.

I have an addiction -kitchen scramble – its free, you just gotta wait for your groceries to load. It keeps me calm. Lol.

I am reopening the giveaway for N3,000 as i emailed the winner and didnt get a response back.



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  1. What of pastors that will call for offering in grades nko, only God knows his true shepherds. Soludo’s article has a lot of truths, the issue is that everyone is clamouring for change with mouth, but most nigerians love their comfort zone and the fear of the unknown and complancency. Personally I don’t know what Jonathan feels he can do in the next four years that he couldn’t do for six years, not to say he hasn’t done some good things in his administration but don’t forget the fact that he categorically said in 2011 that he would not run again,I wonder if he has Nigerians interest in mind or selfish interest.


  2. Ah some pastors and their seed sowing ministries. if i begin to list the various seeds i have heard pastors ask people to sow i wont finish. many of them take advantage of peoples pain and make them believe they need to sow to them before things can change.People should learn to seek the face of God and scriptures so they don’t fall into hands of scammers in suit.

    election fever is really high here o, everywhere i go people keep arguing for and against the 2 major candidates. All i ask for is Gods guidance and protection this period, because some people have really taken it personal.

    I wish you and everyone here a lovely week, and enjoy the snow break while it lasts.


  3. christabel // January 27, 2015 at 14:49 // Reply

    Abt pastors and seed sowing heheheehe I have decided not to flow along with all these selfish pastors, seriously what happens to just praying like the Lord taught us In the Lord’s prayer, some of us be calling up demons that are asleep to wake up all in the name of prayer…
    As for the election, I think this piece got me thinking


  4. I don’t doubt the bible’s teaching on giving but it is highly sad that false teachers and heresy teachers have perveted the attitude of giving for their selfish gains.

    Nigerians tend to like the easy way out and that is an opportunity these ‘preachers’ prey upon, promising them divine supplication with the said benefactors having to do nothing tangible. What happened to working with one’s hands and brains and then praying to God for bountiful harvest. I’d never forget the analogy I learnt while in my University days – If you pray to God for success in your exams without praying, you’d fail. God is a multiplier God, if one reads zero, God multiplies zero by say twenty or a hundred but it is still zero. One needs to start up something before asking God to do some miracle. It is clearly stated, the days of manna as in the old are over.

    I feel a Pastor’s way of passing God’s message are a reflection of his upbringing, his views and perspectives on life etc. Thus, I don’t go to some certain churches, not because it is not the word of God but because I don’t resonate with the Pastor’s ideas on issues.

    Well, the elections ….. hmm, I’v resolved to speak little about that. I would vote and see how things unfold.


  5. *without reading*


  6. I walked out of a RCCG church in yankee because
    1. A woman came late to church, the pastor literally stopped and started going on and on about pple coming late to church when they don’t go late to work blah blah. Now keep in my this church was a small one (max 100 pple). I’m sorry church should never be about shaming.

    2. A man was giving a testimony. The pastor stopped and with an elevated voice said ” What has Jesus done for you. This is not how you give a testimony. You say the problem, you say the solution and you praise God”.

    After hearing that i walked right out. It became clear what the pastor said earlier. That many pple who were there when the church started have left, but the church will still remain. Who wants to be a part of a fake ministry. nonsense.


  7. I agree wit chris. Africans n nigerians in particular wanna get rich quickly n they see seeds as a money doubling venture. The “pastors” hv also helped to promote n actively encourage this. If onlu christians will study for themselves Gods word. The forthcoming elections has gripped d mind of all nigerians, home n abroad. My prayer is that am not on duty at work that weekend cos e no go easy o. God help us


  8. The problem is that pastors (and their parishioners) no longer read the bible! Whenever money came into the church or to Jesus, he used it to help others…no where did it talk about him collecting money form his own purse. Anyway as my mum says, only God knows who truly worships him.


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