Ever get caught up in the rush to accumulate worldly goods? I think we all do, and sometimes lose the plot.what exactly is it that we are struggling to accumulate? Material things that we often are too busy hustling for to enjoy?  I mean you work 50 hours a week and you are saving all your money for retirement, so you go to the crappy chinese buffet for $15 a head instead of that which cost $45. Truly to whose detriment?

If you died tomorrow, all that you have put aside, who is going to spend it? Do you really need to work all those hours? I have been guilty of working long hours, but a lot of my luxury  items and holidays were during the said period.

This post came to me as a result of watching cnn with my husband. The king of Saudi Arabia died, King Abdullah – RIP. He was worth about $20 billion – he was buried in the plain standard white cloth for muslims. We come with nothing we also leave with nothing. At least from my own limited understanding, as no one has come back from the dead to tell us whether or not they needed  the stuff they acquired on earth on the other side.

I was watching documentaries on Narcos. Narcos are pretty much organised crime cartels (think drugs) in Mexico. The industry is worth an estimated $40 billion a year. Now these guys get gunned down and they request to be buried in bullet proof coffins, with their SUVs etc. All of the mausoleums (i believe thats the word) have huge crosses on them and this section of the Juarez cemetary might put some of the mansions on Banana Island in Lagos to shame. Jaurez, Mexico is the most dangerous city in the world while El paso, Texas across the border is the safest.

An instagram page – “tagthesponsors” has come up to out THOTs aka high end call girls who steadily display their designer goods with no tangible source of income on instagram. Is this living  on the other side of the coin? After all some people say they sleep with bfs and husbands for free so whats wrong with getting paid?

I guess my primary question is are you living to work, working to live? Somewhere in the middle? Learning how to enjoy life?

The giveaway is still under the choices post.

I woke up to this view this morning. Snow is beautiful but messy when you have to walk or drive.


Enjoy your weekend.



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  1. Life is amazing and yet still mystical. The fact that one cannot be certain of the future of anything or endeavour yet makes it more puzzling. I believe the goal in life is not always the ‘end’. Aptly put by some folks – ‘the journey is the destination’

    Thus emphasis should be placed on the how’s, the means employed in achieving a particular process, the opportunity ‘cost’ associated with selecting one activity over the other etc. As the Dalai Lama once remarked which I’d paraphrase – Man is a puzzling being, he sacrifices health to make money and later sacrifices money to gain health. He lives in future with the present and thus never enjoys the present or the future. He lives like he isn’t going to die and then dies without living.

    Of course, I am not supporting that one should quit life or living because it oftentimes is a complex puzzle to unravel. Rather I’m saying that we should find reasons, worthwhile reasons to everything we do. We shouldn’t sacrifice the commonplace yet estimable for the fleeting desires.

    Perhaps, my greatest lesson about life comes from the good book – life is always about others (Mark 12:28-32)

    In life, the journey is always the destination.


  2. Hmmmm, dats a question dat has been burning for ages in d hearts of men. As for me, am working to live. #icantshout# lolz


  3. Recently I told my mum that she could buy anything she felt she needed. This was after she said she won’t buy anything for herself anymore. We only have one life to live. Enjoy it while it lasts. Though I’m an advocate for saving and prudency, I feel she’s at the age where she can afford to spoil herself a little after the life she’s lived.


  4. I’m working to live,I have just one life to live. what’s the point of acquiring everything and you might not be around to spend it or use it.


  5. Ohh sorry, I feel my earlier response was out of point.

    I am tilted to ‘living to work’. Who says work cannot be enjoyed? Although sometimes I work to live, however I do enjoy my discipline and industry, thus I find that creating and adding value to existing status quo has been a source of refreshment for me.

    Life for pleasure – hedonism still remains an enviable feat for me, however I fear its one feat I strongly feel should be reserved for my latter days not because I don’t consider myself undeserving of such goodness but because other needs including work are more pressing. And if I do die in this quest, well, whatever penny to me name can be bequeathed to my ‘next of kin’


  6. @chris I don’t think your first statement was out of context. I believe in a healthy balance between work and pleasure. Would love to enjoy my work and also take time to smell the roses etc. Life is too short not to enjoy it but we also need to live a purposeful life


  7. Right now i’m working to live and also learning how to enjoy every moment i have. i have just one life, so i need to find a balance.


  8. I am soo broken right now,i wish I knew were to vent my anger or who to talk to..God help me!!


    • Chi you can send me an email. i can try and listen via email it might help you feel better


    • You can also start with the blog (leave a comment). I believe commenters would lend a helping hand or rather helping words. I for one would certainly lend my advice to the best of my capabilities. Nothing is new under the sun.


  9. Honestly, the hustle and bustle of city life, more often than not leaves one to tilt towards, working to live.
    For the most part in my life, I’ve been working to live, though there’s been times when I had lived to work, yet responsible wouldn’t allow! Lol
    I keep trying to learn to not worry so much…just dare to live! Enjoy! Appreciate freedom and life.


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