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My topic of the day  is engagements. It seems these days there is a template for what people, most especially  women expect.

Based on “our” brief survey from social media – not fully exhaustive, it appears as though it follows a pattern. I say without  full certainty  that a majorit of young women aged 21 to 28ish apply to this survey.  The rubbish i just typed above – the statistician in me.

My point majority seem to want the stadium proposal – public proposal with cameras etc. Of course she should also be on fleek so the pictures  and videos are instaceleb worthy. Anyways  thrn the larger than life engagement ring. Dude drives a camry, but the ring should  be big as in bigggg. I have  seen naija jewelers on insta advertise “Cz diamonds” and you see people writing under the post “oluwa bless me oh”.

Now lets say oh boy has spent all his money buying ring and staging proposal and wants to recover before stomping down the aisle, should it be a crime? People propose at different times for different  reasons- yes not everyone marries for love.  Some engagements run longer than others. I for one can’t  stand a long engagement, i have a wandering spirit in that if you hold on to me without a real committment i am likely to find a reason to break up. Thats my take on long engagements. Hubby and i were engaged for 1 month before we hit the registry. The picture below is what prompted this post. How long is too long to be engage?


Please share your thoughts. On the post above.



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  1. So many things are no longer term as private now courtesy social media. I am a very private person,I won’t add you on my contacts if I don’t know you or we don’t have any business together,except Facebook when everyone was adding everyone when it first started. On long term engagement,to me its tiring why would I have an engagement ring for years and you won’t take a step, I personally hate long time relationship because I get tired of things easily so if you are not being serious and let me know what your plan is,I’m walking.


  2. Term*


  3. I literally laughed out at the options. My friend and I once had a conversation on excessively long engagement, we settled on Lord of the rings for such.

    I think I’m a really weird 20ish person o, because I don’t have an Instagram acc, and even the little I do I’m not even active. I’m an extremely private person so it will be private proposal for me.


  4. I wud do a private proposal , incase she says no, lmao. Long courtships isn’t ideal, max of 2yrs, cos bros has to gather small for d wedding.


  5. sasha bone // January 21, 2015 at 07:10 // Reply

    Lol,my first time on this blog and Lol at the options. For me,im not sure if I’ll be comfortable wearing and engagement ring w/o knowing the date of the wedding or the ring wld just become a pendant on my neck.


  6. I believe every engagement should go along with a date for the wedding in mind. A man should propose when he’s ready to marry. There are so many rings a lady can wear, the only one that makes is an engagement ring that receives a wedding ring soonest.


  7. As Enjay said, a proper engagement should goo with a planned wedding day in mind else it could fall into one of the above options, lol @ the options. Six months cuts it for me. Wouldn’t propose if I don’t really want to marry soonest.


  8. Wanderlust // January 22, 2015 at 04:32 // Reply

    Ideally, just like you, I would love to get married within a month of getting engaged (I’ve always dreamt next day actually, but I realize that may be pushing it…lol). Im very private (some say ‘secretive’), so it will be in secret at the court – just me, him and one witness from each of our sides.

    I’ve never wanted a big wedding and I pray to meet/marry a man that wants similar. That said, ill probably be one of those that will appear to be “engaged forever”, because I will be in absolutely no hurry to plan a wedding (it’s stressful just thinking about it). I’ll probably put saving for/buying a nice house, and going on several “honeymoon” trips before my actual wedding.


  9. Hahaha!
    I say lord of the rings. I’d like to get married asap after getting engaged. I don’t really see the point of dragging things…I mean you presumably both think the other person is right for you, so why wait? Big weddings are totally unnescessary imho so are not a valid reason.

    It’s thursday already! Have a lovely weekend


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