Hey yall! Happy Sunday. I think i have overused the qord accountability in my short 21 years on this earth. When i was single, if you asked what i wanted in a man, accountable. In a friendship- accountable. I was obsessed with being accountable.

I am still somewhay obsessed with it, my husband  is accountable to almost a fault. Before you can get in input, he has already thought about it and done it – albeit without your consent or input. Lol.

Accountability is the trait that wont allow me in good conscience to starr the daycare and nursery  on minimal resources.

My weight is causing  me accountability problems right now. I weigh 75kg i need to lose weight  down to 65kg. I cant deal man, i really cant.

I had a mild fracas on Friday  with an old friend and i just felt  the need to tell her my mind. After i did, i realised i hurt her feelings.  I felt i was accountable for that, so i said sorry. I have a problem with this accountability  thing, because even when people are wrong in an argument, i tend to say sorry just to get past it. I also think people are taking advantage of this accountability thing.

What character trait do you posses that seems beneficial  and detrimental at the same time?

In my mind i had picked the winner for the tripican gift card. Sorry i didnt realise  i hadnt. I will email the winner  by tomorrow.

Will try to be more creative for the next giveaway.

Have a fulfilling  week ahead. I wish you all that you wish yourself and more.



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  1. Hey there, I love your blog! Got here somehow and read every post you’ve ever written. 😀

    I can relate a bit with the accountability thing. My one character trait that I think been both beneficial and detrimental is that I tend to care very deeply about people and will always go out of my way to assist if someone I know (sometimes even remotel) is in some sorta trouble. Of course it has put me in trouble even though it also endears me to people (I’ve been told I’m nice to a fault *sigh*).


  2. Hello, hope you had a lovely weekend!

    My positive/negative trait is my happy go-lucky/YOLO personality. I feel like life is too short not to experience as many things as possible, so I’m always saying yes to every- and anything. This means that I have had many fascinating experiences, of course it also means that I am perennially tired and sleep deprived.

    I’m working on it sha.

    have a great week.


  3. Wanderlust // January 19, 2015 at 16:21 // Reply

    Quiet lurker here, just decided to comment today. Interesting blog 🙂

    My positive/negative trait is my “unsentimentality”. It’s a good trait in that I don’t attach emotions to my decisions. I decide more in terms of “is it right or wrong? Does it make sense or not?” Plus it allows me to think with a clear head and also think objectively. I find that people always ask my opinion when they want honest feedback, not when they want me to be on their side.

    The bad part is the way it affects my love life – it makes me “too rational/practical” and doesn’t give a lot of room for “being cute or mushy”. My love is straightforward! lol. I’m not easily swayed by lyrics of love, especially if it’s not followed by action. Because of that I usually don’t vocalize my love for people (working on that), but I show it in many ways so you would have no doubt.

    My mom says I’m “too tough”…lol.


  4. My positive/negative trait is my need to help others. i love helping people when they are in genuine need, i can sacrifice my last kobo if i know you have a need. people dont even need to ask when i sometimes go out of my to give. it gives me great joy knowing i was able to make someone happy.

    i hate it because alot of people have taken advantage of that priveledge. people sometimes lie so they can get something out of me, which really hurts me. i cant say i wont help people again, i just pray God helps me to differentiate between the genuine ones from the users.

    I wish you and all readers of this blog a wonderful week.


  5. I love to critically analyse things, situations, decisions… you get my drift, lol. It’s good cause I’ve been able to read between lines and save myself from major and even minor issues. But sometimes I over analyse and I realise that it was just fear of failing that didn’t make me go ahead with certain plans.


  6. My positive/Negative is “Giving”. (time , energy, resources, support, everything)

    My motto is givers never lack. This has been true for me. For the most part I’ve not had regrets.

    And to prevent myself from having regrets, I abide by great words from one of my besties mom. “Give only what you can afford to lose”.


  7. One big issue I have is not letting pple in. Am a friendly person outwardly bt more of a loner inwardly. Many friends n past love interests have pointed it out. Working on it though


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