So first of  all i wanna give a shout out to Gbenga! Happy birthday dear, may God grant you all you desire for yourself and your day be beyond joyful.

So lets talk birthdays,  what are your fondest birthday memories? Growing up i remember  my dad had a trade off system where you got to take cake and stuff to school and you get n1,000 or you get a party at home. Being the hustler i was i always  picked the option with the money. Couldnt mess around and gamble at the random gifts that would  show up. My mom always made our cakes so we got to design our cakes. My best cake was my primary 3 cake – i had a white round cake with only pink smarties and i wore a pink polka dot dress- 1989 to be exact. My love for polka dots is still real strong.

The older  i get the less  i seem to want.  My next birthday  will be my first wedding anniversary. The only thing my heart desires is to have the school open.

I hope you have a good weekend.



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  1. Happy birthday Gbenga!!! God will make you bigger.

    My most memorable birthday would probably be when I turned 18. I love cakes and I think I got about 7 cakes.

    That’s all!!!

    How is the holiday going, I hope the fun is endless!!!


  2. I can’t seem to remember any. All I remember is how everyone complains about been broke after the festive expenses. So I end up getting nothing. The story hasn’t changed. But my mum must show up and cook, even if you’re not expecting guests. So I get her love and great company of family and close friends.


  3. Happy birthday Gbenga. Wishing you a wonderful one.

    I really can’t remember any memorable one now, I hardly celebrated my birthday as a child. I only remember having a cake for my 7th and 13th birthday.

    My next birthday is a milestone age, so I think I’m going to do something.


  4. Thanx a lot guys. Spent my bday at work. Was on afternoon shift so I closed by 9pm. That’s d part of being a dr I dislike, d work hours,#coversface#. Got stuck in some traffic( lag style, lolz). Hv had only 2 bday celebrations in my life and both were very memorable bt I think my most memorable one was not a celebration but a decision. Some years back when I turned 25, I thought hard about my life esp as concerns relationshipd and that day, I ended a 7yr sojourn in d “friendzone” of a dear friend


  5. Happy birthday Gbenga, many more beautiful years ahead.
    I don’t have a memorable birthday,but my parents always made sure we have a beautiful day,every birthday is celebrated either with a big party or just family. Twelve days to my birthday and honestly I’m not excited about it, let’s just say ‘old’ age is settling in,lol


  6. Happy belated birthday gbenga God Bless u!!!
    My birthday used to be fun when I was in boarding school because it is in january and we resume then so everyone still has goodies from home.I used to be excited just counting my birthday cards alone not to talk of gifts sef. These days the birthday excitement is going down. But I still take a few friends out and have some fun.


  7. I’m late to the party as usual, but happy birthday Gbenga! Hope all your wishes come through this year.

    Me, my most memorable birthday was last year’s, when I turned 30. I always used to dislike the party and stress that comes with birthdays, but I had 3 small celebrations including surprise party and one arranged by my sisters and a friend. I was so so touched!

    Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. X


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