Hello all, the credit has been sent to the winners. So i had a decent flight, more decent than i have had in a long time. Flew on one of the older double decker 747 jets. Yes i sat upstairs – more leg room, and i had a sort of ledge by my side, so i put my feet up and tried to sleep. Despite having only two hours of sleep the night before, i only managed two hours of sleep. Also had barotrauma on the flight, i actually flew into Newark, New Jersey airport and boy oh boy the immigration there is slow. The officer was also a bit chatty, wanted to know how long i had been away from home, how to pronounce my name, why i had been in the UK so many times in the past two years etc. All i was ready to do was sleep.

Fortunately for me, i found my baggage fairly easily. I borrowed my husband’s black suitcase, worse decision ever. Every traveller has a black suitcase. I am resolved to buy maybe polka dot luggage for my next purchase. My own actual suitcases are easier to find on the belt, but they are reaching their end as they are about 4 years old now. Buy decent luggage and you won’t have to replace them for a few years. Been trying to explain this to my mother, but she doesn’t quite get it.

Met my new nephew and my 4 year old one has been hanging onto me for dear life. lol. He needs attention. My mother also decided to show up in America the same day as me, she has already started telling me how i have to help her do x,y and z. My father already called this morning something about his health insurance and i should make sure it is valid. I want to turn off my phone and ignore all of them. Cant wait till my husband gets here so i can move to a hotel for one week.  I love my family, but sometimes i just want to sleep abeg.

Lets just say this, etisalat is the best network provider in Nigeria. No this isn’t a paid advert or anything. I also wasn’t coerced into typing this. I roam my Nigerian number in both london and America. All i have to do is make sure i have a minimum of N5,000 on the phone and when i get to the said destination, and activate by text message. And i run wifi whenever i am home or in the hotel etc. So no need to pay for calls. Skype etc are free over wifi and the few people who love me anyways can get in contact with me have nigerian numbers.

I am happier in America, food is cheaper and tastier than London. Sue me, i love my IHOP, Think Grill, and Walmart.

I was supposed to blog about flight behavior.. i will one of these days.

How is your week looking?

Today’s giveaway is a N3,000.00 gift card to – you can take a loved one to see a movie. Or you can give it to someone who works for you that you know that movie would make a difference in their lives. The rules are the same – leave your email along with your comment.

Also is it true that it is people who have the least that give the most?

Was having a conversation with my brother who is 5 years younger than i am. We were talking about all the people we know who died last year – young people and we were saying – “no one ever said – i wish i had worked more- on their death bed’. It is imperative to understand that life is for the living. Live your best life now without overtly compromising your future obviously…this deserves to be a full post which i intend to share my own thought on real soon.

PS: Enjay i havent forgotten your birthday gift oh, something for when i get back to Lag in a few weeks a beg no vex. lol.




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  1. Aww so glad you had a decent flight was wishing you wont have barotrauma again. about the parents, that’s their way jare, just leave them. Whenever i visit home, my mum has a long list of things for me to ‘help her do’ from cooking to shopping on the internet!. They have also turned me into a travel agent, i had to stop that one when one of my mums friends called me to book her flight.

    So far, my week has been ok. I have a thousand things to do at work, i haven’t closed early since i resumed this year but i’m still hanging on.

    Have a lovely time with your family.


  2. Mothers are the most ‘interesting’ people in our lives,lol. I guess every mom is just wired to always make you do things even when you have to rest,I literally had to tell my mom on monday not to come into my room for any discussion or errands because I was just fed up with the whole thing,coupled with the fact that I haven’t got much time to sleep… Glad to know you are enjoying your hols,I want to be like you when I grow up 🙂 ….. Thinking of hijacking SO for a movie since his busy schedule can’t give me the luxury of seeing him for a whole day. I hope I can put in for the giveaway


  3. Started reading blog last week and i’ve practically read and re-read all your posts as they feel very very relateable!
    For some reason, my vacation and my mum’s vacation always clash and she always has a way to sweet-talk me into us going to the same destination! It does have its perks (free meals, mummy paying for most of the purchases) but my dear it’s alot of WORK!
    Honestly, am not too sure I like chatty immigration officers, especially in the US; I just want to get “stamped-in” jare!
    Enjoy your vacation and I hope I can put in for the movie ticket as well!


  4. Thanks for the airtime giveaway. Glad your holiday is getting better by the day. Hopefully the trend would continue.

    Week is going fair, expectant that its remaining days would bring about a better turn of events.

    I think it is true that people who have least tend to be ‘bigger’ givers. Although wouldn’t go into the complexities of defining ‘bigger’ with respect to quantity or quality. Its always easier for a less wealthy person with a total net-worth of $500,000 to part with $50,000 (10% of his/her net-worth) than a wealthier person with a net-worth of $20 billion to do same with $2billion (10% net-worth). The riddle is the choice to deal with percentage or amount. At the risk of sounding spiritual – Matthew 19:18-22

    One of the few puzzles of life is seeing that as much as it is oftentimes defined in terms of accomplishments (work, achievement, laurels et al), it is more about the impact of that work or achievement on others (society, immediate people, friends, families, colleagues, strangers). Most people pursue the former too much at the detriment of the latter missing on one of life’s greatest beauty. This brings to mind one of Morgan Freeman’s movies that touched on life. Two questions define a life – Have you found joy in life? and Have you brought joy to another with your life?


  5. Your nephew might be feeling neglected because his brother might have all the attention now. Please tell his mom to balance it.

    You can’t run from family. Warts and all. Parents will be parents. 🙂

    On Etisalat, my boss had a different experience few years back. On her return, I had to sort out deductions from her balance. I guess positive changes have been made.

    Food is cheap. Hmmmm, are you still exercising? Remember, I’m routing for you oo. Don’t fall my hand. You have the race to look forward to.

    This week, I’m hopeful. There’s soon much, I’m looking forward to and I pray God comes through for me.

    On giving, it’s what is left after giving that tells how much you’ve given. So you might just be right on that.

    Life has taught me to be happy and and touch lives positively. No one’s promised tomorrow and I’ll love to be remembered for good indeed.

    About the gift, I no vex. Why should I? Thoughtful of you. Thanks in advance, something to look forward to.

    Enjoy thyself!


  6. Thanks so much for the airtime giveaway I really appreciate it. Etisalat rocks though its an expensive network. About people having little giving away much more than rich people I noticed it too. Most of the people that I know have more money hardly give but then again they probably have more responsibilities so no judging from my end. Would love the movie tickets to see a nigerian/ghanian movie with a girlfriend(most guys don’t like nigerian movies I wonder why)


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