Hope all is well on your end? Love has been on my mind for about 2 days now. There is a popular  saying “love conquers all”. Now while  this saying is awesome,  is it really true? Because  i have also heard too many people say “love doesnt hold  a marriage together”.

If we go by the biblical  definition,  love is kind, love is patient etc 1st corinthians 4-8. You catch my drift. Ok so now that we have figured out the definition so to say, what exactly is the issue you say?

Biblical love is that Agape love, when most people think about love- its either romantic or family member type of love. We never really think we love our friends, neighbors, coworkers etc. Could that  be what is wrong with the world today? Or could it simply  be that we are not fully capable of understanding love beyond our inner circles? Or is it that hings have to be interesting  and exciting? I have seen some love defined by the size  of the engagement diamond, some by elaborate  ceremonies? What exactly is this  thing?

They say love doesnt keep a marriage, friendship and patience do. So why the emphasis  on romantic love when we pick our partners? Or has the media so infiltrated our minds with Disney Love that we just think of the butterfly love? Which is generally  just infatuation?  I am not sure love is the most important  emotion in my life, i am starting to believe  it is peace?  Patience is another virtue i am beginning  to keep vigil with. The older i get the more i forget about Love so to speak (the romantic butterflies), and the  things i associate with happiness  i tag as peace. God gives me peace,My husband gives me peace, my family gives me peace, exercise gives me peace, working on the school  gives me peace, this blog gives me peace- even when i think i divulge way beyond what i intended.

Maybe i am getting old, please share the defining  emotion in your life.



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  1. Sometimes the way people analyze love is always complicated,to me I feel love shouldn’t be based on what others feel but what you feel and how contended you are. When I decided to give my partner an answer after the normal plenty talks,I didnot do it base on love,I gave him an answer because I was at peace with him. Sometimes the butterflies will leave but the fact that you are at peace with him will make all the craziness just slip away. Relationship is hard work,patience is one master key that just keep working for all doors.


  2. I’ll come back to comment on love and emotions.

    Today’s my birthday! I’m grateful to God for so many things. My heart is filled with gratitude.


  3. Anuoluwapo // January 9, 2015 at 14:31 // Reply

    Love is important and helps conquer some challenges but it isn’t enough. There is a place for everything, love, forgiveness, peace, patience, accommodation, respect, prayers,… Some days you’ll question “love” and being with your partner but these other things would hold things together


  4. christabel // January 9, 2015 at 16:55 // Reply

    The Bible says that God is love which means love is just beyond the ‘butterfly feeling’, it is seeing man tru the eyes of God. U can never really love ur patner when u dnt even love ur fellow humans… It takes Grace to really have and feel the God- kind- of- love…


  5. Happy birthday Enjay. God bless you and increase you more.

    Honestly, when I said I do to my hubby, it was more out of the fact that I was at peace with him, sure I did love him, but the “butterfly-ish” feeling wasn’t the deciding factor as I have had more intense “butterfly-ish” feelings for others.

    Love is a complicated issue, as you grow older the kind of love you feel for a SO moves from one dimension to another.
    An example would be, when my hubby and I were dating, we were more spontaneous, we did silly stuff and discovered new places together, my love for him had the “rush effect” cos he was just my kind of person.

    When we got married, we slowed down on the “rushy things” and his love provides me with stability and he is a good father.
    As we get old together, I believe it moves from stability to companionship and friendship. Etc.


  6. Happy Birthday Enjay.

    My defining emotion in current times as it has been in recent times is Love.

    I think we often get clouded with what the true definition of Love is. I take my definition from the Bible – 1 Cor. 13, (apologies to non-Christians) and clearly there, one would see that Love is a host of other emotions or qualities.

    Just like life for anyone, we pass through different phases and as such Love is defined with respect to those phases for us. For example, a girl at a tender age might say love is gifts, fun time with friends; at a young age, love might be good and trustworthy friends; at an older age, love might be protection, sexual pleasure, resolute trust; at an advanced age, it might be motherhood bond between a mother and child, family, et al. But all through it doesn’t mean that at any one stage, Love wasn’t experienced or available. It just evolves through the stages of one’s life.

    Perhaps, the greatest misconception that the media has sold to us is that love has to be that ‘butterfly effect’ and when we don’t experience such, we can say we aren’t in love. The truth is that as much as it is that rush of butterflies, it is also serenity, calmness, cool, tranquility and of course PEACE.

    P.S. Nice blog


  7. @ Clare and Chris, thank you.

    I agree with the word peace, it sums up what love should be at the married stage.


  8. Happy birthday Enjay. For me right now, the most important thing is peace in whatever I’m doing and my relationship with others.


  9. Happy birthday Enjoy! May God bless you.
    Love, to me, is happiness and security with the person.


  10. Love to me is peace,happiness and friendship.. I am positive I will fine that in a partner..


  11. Happy belated bday Enjay. GOD bless ya. Learning a lot about love from d comments. I quite agree with “love is peace”


  12. I agree with anuoluwapo, I also think love is constant,stable and isn’t conditional. After coming out of a highly erratic relationship I understand better.


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