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Shootings in Paris…those people didnt deserve to die. I keep telling Moslems, they waited to long to stand against  the psychopaths in their religion. So its very easy for the non – discerning person to dislike moslems. I hope they catch those guys and they suffer in prison for a long time, then again its a waste of tax payers money keeping them in prison. I dont understand how people migrate to the west and want to hold on so tightly to the sh*t a** culture they are running away from. I am sure they have combed 18th Arrondisment in Paris for a bunch of people. Now you wonder if the Germans in Cologne are justified in their not wanting Moslems  to have certain rights within their communities.
If you are going to migrate someowhere, you arent entitled to keep your hatred for western culture. Stay in your country abeg. Feel free to disagree.

How are you doing? Ok so I am in Somerset, there is a problem… i dont want to leave.  Take away the bland English food, i dont want to leave  this place.

My husband has a get out of jail free for the month of january. He doesnt know  though. So we are at the Babington House (google is ya friend). Is there a way to take lotion and shampoo without carrying the bottle? Please i need ideas..this is the first hotel i have ever been to that has great products. Dont judge me, the 300ml bottle of shampoo, etc costs £16 each, i would have to cough up at a minimum £100 for the products – u can use them but cant take the bottle or you have to pay for it. All organic products and they are actually  effective.  I am kind of broke abeg. Dont  worry i lived in hotels for years, decent  hotels  too, so i am a good judge of hotels. Babington house   feels like home. I made a mini video of the room… i will post when i edit it. Any suggestions?

I went to the gym today. I have missed the gym terribly. I am going to find a way to go back to the gym in London and Lagos. Might go for Bikram yoga in london – i miss it; my fave kind of yoga. I have been sleeping like a drunk off and on. The bed is soo comfyyyyy. Was out for dinner last nite with 2 older white couples and it was fun. We talked and talked for hours. I got encourgememt for the school, it was amazing. And then i got this message below as a port of my Joyce Meyer devotional from the you version bible  app. I believe its apt…


I have been getting  irritated  reading some Nigerian blogs…i see things like “blings”, “shades”, “a shopping bags”, “after the cut”, “couples”- 2 people. Bling is bling, why pluralise? Shade is shade no matter the amount of times you go at someone- throwing  shade is just that. “A shopping bags” i saw on BN- i am calling them out because i expect more from them in particular.
I try not to read a lot of comments as the English  is just really bad sometimes. The kind of bad that doesnt make sense bad- shorthand for words that don’t  need to be shortened etc. My rant of the day.

Enjoy your week. For those taking classes on Open2study, i hope you are enjoying the classes? I sure am.



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  1. I was so shaken when I heard the news! I mean I just left only a few weeks ago. I know it’s selfish, but it felt closer to home than other terrorist attacks.

    Honestly, I think it’s mixture of things…discrimination, racism, and other inequalities mean that many immigrant communities remain poor. The children (with one foot in both their home and host cultures) then sometimes become disenfranchised and well the result is radicalisation. Of course they will always be people who are easily brain-washed, however, this is less likely when people feel part of the community. They’re invested and feel like they have a stake in the future of their host country. I lived in France for 3 years, and I can tell you that casual (both explicit and implicit) racism is so widespread! On top of all that, the Frenc (as opposed to the British) never really accept anyone as French, irrespective of the kind of passport they hold…in theory nationality is by “jus soli,” but in reality it is by blood, and by that I mean “pure” white blood. I had people of all ethnicities argue with me when I said I was British (and Nigerian), just because I’m black. This would probably never happen in England (at least in London and many other big cities). In reality what all this does is that it segregates the children of immigrants who are at once both french and “other”…
    It is a very complex issue, but one that must be dealt with, because we cannot turn back time to “un-citizenise” people!

    In the meantime, I sympathise with Parisians and the other French people and pray that God will bring solace to the bereaved.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    P.S.Sorry for the epistle, the shock is just so real.

    P.P.S. I also apologise for any mistakes.


  2. I think part of this is believing the host country owes u in one form,racism is everywhere but u make a choice,if u take the time to train ur kids and also work hard u will get to places yes it is harder for some but people still make it,


  3. There is no excuse for any one to take a life, especially since they can’t make a human life.

    I just can’t comprehend why people wake up and kill in the name of religion.

    Let he gods fight their battles,

    So painful.

    On a lighter note, I’d love to be “Babintonized” do post the video soonest.


  4. Truly sad what happened in france. Worse still, BH has turned north east nigeria to its playground. God help us.


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