So i have been ok. Headed out to Bath with the hubstar. He has some meetings  and like a good wife i decided to tag along. Screech  exaggeration. .. London is a scam..ridiculously  expensive and i am irritated, it’s like they  replaced  the $ with the £ sign. Shoes that cost $60 stateside cost £60 here.  I will wait to buy my stuff in America  next week.

Onto more important  things. So i was reading the news, some donkey in New York killed his father because essentially his father wanted to reduce his allowance from $3000 to $2800. Now my annoyance is this child is 30 years old. Why the hell is he still on an allowance? He sent his mother out to get a sandwich when he committed  the crime. Did the mother not know she had a child that wasnt ok? That she agreed to go buy the  sandwich? Before you say he shouldnt have sent his mother on an errand, i dont have a problem with that, my mom volunteers  to cook and run errands all the time- probably a western thing. No 30 year old  child should be on an allowance unless they are  physically or mentally  disabled.

Next issue,  i heard that a church asked those who wanted to worship during crossover service to pay N1,000 per person. Now the auditorium  has 20,000 seats. Please do the math…thats n20million, yes you read that right. Nigeria  is a poor country, that money  can fund  between 10 to 100 small businesses as repayable loans. Access to God is free, i dont understand  people.

Lastly i leave you with the image below. The cars are made in Nigeria…i am sure wherever  it snows they have capable cars, we know Nigeria has bad roads and bad drainage, this ad could have easily captured that. But  oh no donkeys decided to use snow.


These sneakers  are giving me life. I want a pair that say “Mrs Pynk”. I have the non-customised ones in a different  shade of pink.


Any strange things come up in your week? Please share.



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  1. The “snow cars”, I just can’t!

    And as for the cross-over service I read their justification for charging, and I think it was just a load of B…….. How can you tell people to come to a God of grace, by it’s nature free, and then ask them to pay? Just don’t understand!

    Enjoy Bath and please take pics, I’ve heard it’s beautiful.

    Have a lovely week.


  2. Church is serious money making venture in Nigeria now,so I’m not surprised. The company who endorsed/placed that advert needs to be closed up like seriously!!! Snow in Nigeria? Smh.


  3. I’m always said it, lots of naija churches need to be reclassified as “for profit business” or “cult”


  4. Allowance at that age? And he’s a healthy grown son?

    Every church with its own doctrine, however, there should not be profiteering in God’s name.

    The car… I saw the ad too. I had the same thoughts.

    Happy holidays! You’re still enjoying yourself. Keep it up! 🙂


  5. I saw the AD last year and I murmured (afi made in Nigeria na) Made in Nigeria but taken abroad for a shoot yeah? Silly something.
    That child though, the parents sure got it wrong with his upbringing.


  6. Kids dad was 70yrs. Stupid son could hv waited till he passed on n inherited d money. I want to believe d “30yrs old kid” has a serious mental issue, prob a psychopath. Naija always makes u laugh, “Snow cars”. Lolz. Well, maybe cos we always like foreign things so they decided to “foreignize” d car. Heard d said church has been doing that for abt 3 yrs so go figure. Its well


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