Happy Monday

Happy monday everyone. I wish you whatever you wish yourself  this first full  week of 2015. May your week be productive – tangible  productivity.  My week is ok thus far, starting two courses on open 2 study today and one on coursera. Self improvement never hurt anybody.

So i have been taking running somewhat seriously  again.  Averaging 3 to 4 runs per week- not too shabby. My breathing is normalising so its all good. Patience  is really a virtue, i am running the entire serpentine with relative ease. My goal is to do it twice before i leave london in February.


Have a short trip somewhere in the UK on the 7th before i head out to NY in about a week. Kind of looking forward to going to NY even though it is 3 times as cold as London.

I have been watching weeds, i am now on season 8. Nancy is definitely  the cat that has infinite  lives. Lol. I am also going to delete candy crush if they dont give me quests to unlock to level 81. I dont see why i should  pay $0.99 to move to the next level. Just not going to work out.

Not much else going on. Going running later in the day with the hubstar. Its a date.

What are your plans for the week? Your outlook?



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  1. Happy Monday to you, and amen to productivity this week!

    Plans this week? Going back home to Belgium tonight, work, then meeting my partners and finally starting my language exchange (German)…

    Have a lovely week!


    • My namesake that also has ties to Belgium,have a lovely week


      • Hey CC, I’m so excited because almost never find other Nigerians with my name! Are you?! Also you live in Belgium? Such wonderful coincidences!!!


        • Hey Clara,not so many people answer our
          name,I live in the states now,come on vacation to Belgium most of my family lives there. Miss the place like crazy


  2. Happy Monday to you also and every blog reader. i resumed work today after 2 weeks break, so far its been a good day.

    kai those candy crush people are mean walahi. i’m on level 194 and i have 14 gold blocks left, once they finish na the end be that coz i cant pay any money at all.

    i dont have any plans for the weekend, i’ll probably visit a family friend or sleep.

    have a lovely week everyone.


  3. Happy New Yr.

    – Back at work ….boohoooo 🙁
    – Deleted all games off my phone. Can’t continue to neglect life cos i’m playing games.
    – Binged on “Ray Donovan” and “The Knick”. 2 more episodes of “The Knick” left
    – A few more Iroko tv movies to watch (i’m stalking Nse Ikpe Etim movies)
    – Off to see Selma tomorrow.
    – I can’t run to save my life (horrible Shin splints), so alternating between elipticals at the gym, High Interval workouts off youtube, and beginners yoga off youtube.


  4. I used to be a runner in secondary school & represent my house but i cant even run 50m to save myself now.love ur dedication to that.
    Hoping to share a testimony next week with my plans this week.its been long overdue O:-)


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