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I know i sound crazier everyday  with these off the cuff questions. In truth i think all humans have some degree of insanity, just not to the point of having to be committed  or put on meds. I am comfortable with my kind of crazy.

Today was a dynamic day. It rained  English style till about 2 pm.  When the rain was done, went out to oxford  street around 3.30pm just to window shop  with my sister  inlaw. We got back at 8pm. We had candid convos about losing her husband etc.

Anyways  to todays hot sexy  topic. Do you think you are a success?  What the hell is success  anyway? I thought i was successful at 23 when  i nailed a six figure salary in USD (ahh mean Unired States Dallas). My salary doubled by the time i left that job 5 years  later. Success was being able to consider the option of buying a bentley cash out but not doing it.

I am 32, minimal annual income since i left consulting  behind and trying to chase a dream. I am not even sure i have 100,000 Naira in my account  and i still consider myself successful.  I have some assets. But now the thing i am thinking  is if i ever see myself as a failure or i am a perpetual  optimist  or just dis-illusioned? Or is my own success simply defined by me?

Success in my own terms is having peace.  Love is peace, sucess is peace. I think peace is the defining  emotion in my life. Success means being at peace  with my decisions and ensuring  i am happy executing those decisions. So I doubt  my feelings of success  are attached  to how much money  i have. I believe i am living my purpose  till date and my past and present help  direct  my future in both  negative and positive  ways.

I would say i am 85% successful.  The only things that i believe  i am yet to accomplish  are childbirth and opening the school. So i insist, “I AM SUCCESSFUL”! Are you? What does it mean to you? Feel free to rate your perceived  success rate.



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  1. I’m I successful??? That thought came to my mind when everyone was making new year resolution on the 1st,I don’t make resolution because the honest truth Is you tend to fling out through the window before Feb. Being successful doesn’t count on money alone like you said,I have not started earning six figures but the things I have at my age in terms of resources,intellect,family,a partner that adores me and many others makes me count myself lucky,blessed and successful. I give myself 65% 🙂


  2. christabel // January 4, 2015 at 11:41 // Reply

    I would say I am successful maybe 50 percent but am still on my way to success…
    Tanx for the study site, its really helpful, I registered for a course in midwifery and am starting out tomorrow.**E- hugs**


  3. Success is not just one thing for me, it’s a sum of how well I’m doing in different areas of my life.

    Career wise, I became a chartered accountant 2 years ago at 22, I’m about to start my msc, I have a job that pays well but I would love a better job with more security.
    I have an amazing family who loves me to the moon and encourages me to be the best I can be.
    I’m an introvert so I have a few friends but those few are like family whom I love so much.
    spiritually I’m at a place where I have a personal relationship with Christ and it’s so amazing.
    relationship life is in shambles right now but I’m hopeful for 2015.
    So, I’ll say I’m 70% successful.☺


  4. @ miss Pynk, I love your definition of success. Sometimes we take life too seriously and we forget to enjoy the things that really matter.

    I measure my success on a daily basis. Success for me is seeing a smile on the face of a person in need, just by saying a kind word.

    On a general scale, there is so much I’d love to do that I’m yet to accomplish, however, the process are already in place for some of these goals. I’d give my self a 70 percent level based on everything non material

    And 50 percent based on all material achievements.


  5. “Success means being at peace with my decisions and ensuring i am happy executing those decisions.”

    These are my sentiments exactly! I almost never regret anything either. It’s decision made, with good or bad results…either way I move on and up!


  6. I will say am 50% successful.aiming to the highest point


  7. Success, hmmmm. Well I think I am 50 percent successful. Thru with nysc and hoping to start my residency training in internal medicine dis year. Still relatively young cos I will be 28 by jan 16. Unfortunately , not so lucky relatnshp wise so far. Materially , enough to take care of my needs but not wants, lolz.


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