So its 2015

So its 2015, anything changed  yet? Not for me anyway. Wasnt going to post today, i have barely gotten 5 hours of decent shut eye. For a variety of reasons – someone snoring etc. Instead of fighting or fussing,  i went to run around the serpentine river in hyde park its about 2.63 miles which is about 4.5km. Not bad, i did it in about 30 minutes. I am showered and i feel much better.

Nothing else going on today. I have to run commentary on the whole instagram tagging your engagement ring business.  It sort of exposes your union or rather potential  union to the world to criticise doesnt it? Or are we just so caught up about how the proposal went and how big the ring is that we forget the bigger commitment  which is to come? No i am not talking about the wedding, i am talking about the marriage. Marriage is hard especially  if the parties involved have not made the decision to be grown up and responsible.

Onto the real reason. So someone got engaged, all the Nigerian wedding  handles on instagram tagged and reposted the pictures. Lovely ring, being  somewhat of a diamond  afficionado  myself, actually fantastic ring. But some of  the comments that followed spoke about the bride to be’s lace front wig and how she paid for the ring  herself. Folks were asking for the guy’s  profession as all he did was post pictures in the  versace store in Dubai. He is also rumored to be a pimp in Dubai – i cant verify this as i never hung out in Nigerian circles when i lived there till about 4 years ago.

Anyways  what i want to ask is this.
My first engagement,  i fronted the money for the ring, and i refused to wear it till i got my money  which i never did. Gave the ring to my mom, it wasn’t  a significant  cost to me, so it wasnt a big deal. I believe there are circumstances where both parties can come together and make a decision.

My rings from my husband cost a small fortune and he paid for them by himself. Apparently  i ranted about wanting an asscher cut diamond and those dont come cheap as they have to be cut on demand. He made it happen.

Is it ok for a lady to buy her own engagement  ring? If yes  under what circumstances?
If the guy cannot afford the 50 carat pink diamond the lady wants and she can afford it?
Men is it ok for your lady to  buy her ring or rings?

I found another open course site, its called open 2 study they offer free courses.

And oh yes i won something on woot woot. Its a fun site with dating stories.



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  1. You really need to sleep,so that nature doesn’t catch up on you where you least expect it,lol. Social network! Social network!! Social network!!! When I saw the news all over the media yesterday,I kept asking myself if it was worth it. You get to expose your life and the FBIs in your circle find irrelevant things out (more like digging out stuffs) and later there would be a breakup. Within the next few days all sort of stuffs would be said about them by frenemies and never do well people and they will keep praising them in their presence,their ish to deal with. There’s no privacy any longer. I hardly put my So pics on my bbm and even if I do I just don’t say all them le boo,le crush,Le sweetie BS,he will only be recognized when we walk down the aisle.


  2. And btw I won’t pay for my engagement ring,I will accept which ever he gives because no one knows his pocket better than you. If he wants to take the relationship further he should knows what to do, and not ask his gf to pay for her ring,its just height of irresponsibility.


  3. I don’t think people should share every aspect of their life on social media. I feel some things should be special and private.

    I will not be buying my own ring, if he doesn’t have money for the type I want, we will make do with nothing or what is available. If he’s well to do and does not buy what I like, I’ll have a talk with him later. The most important thing is the love we would have for each other and being sure we want to spend the rest of our lives together.


  4. As a guy, I wouldn’t want my wife to pay for her engagement ring. Also, I would want her to accept what I can afford, cos sincerely, I can’t or I won’t break d bank just for an engagement ring. Neither will I do so for a wedding ring or d wedding itself. Gonna cut my coat according to my bank acc and not my wifes . But if God has blessed me with abundance, hell yes, she can have 1000 carat ring #smiles#


  5. christabel // January 3, 2015 at 15:19 // Reply

    All these show-off on social media, is it really necessary? Well I won’t buy my engagement ring, I will take watever he can afford, moreover the cost of an engagement ring does not ensure a lasting marriage…


  6. Was thinking no posts since 31st after I ‘ supposedly ‘ thought I refreshed my page.

    Some people don’t know how to be private & probably just like the attention,social media craze ain’t helping either

    I won’t buy a ring myself,if he really wants to take the step, then he should buy one he can afford not that his pocket will be dry naa o 🙂 something real & blinky


  7. I seriously would not buy my own ring. If he can’t afford a ring then he should propose without one. It s the commitment that matters. The symbolism and intention behind giving a wedding rings means you take away form it when you bu it yourself and does not bode well for the way you intend to live together as man and wife….I mean seriously …must be emasculating for the man. In my book a man who would like you pay for your own ring is not worth marrying.It’s better for him to bring a plastic ring with apology and a promise to upgrade it later.


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