2014 in Review

Well Hello to myself and everyone. We all know the annual review had to show up somehow. My year was a very very mixed bag, many highs and many lows. But I am grateful all things considered.

January – someone tried to sabotage me, it backfired miserably.  They say honesty  is the best policy- my dad always says when you tell the truth; at worst people won’t like it, but they can’t help but respect you for it. They also have nothing to hold over you. Hubstar also brought his family to do introduction, we had only dated for a few months- but I told him if he was serious he would take the steps. Lol.

February – relatively uneventful,  got some consulting work etc. Finished the business  plan and investment memo for the school. Was proud of myself.

March – got around to contracting a lawyer to register the school with CAC
The process is still on, let’s just say I won’t be recommending  the said lawyer to anyone. I got introduced to her through someone who wants to invest in the school. Got a surprise ticket to New York for April first. I thought it was a joke and then I checked online with virgin. In all my excitement  I ended up sick.

April – went to New York, consulted with my brother who was doing a relocation  container from NY, he told me to just buy as much as I could afford he would make space in his container. He didn’t ask me for a dime. I bought cribs, furniture, carpets, books etc for the school. I gave a token towards the shipping. I also picked out and paid for my wedding dress. We set the date for October already. Also was happy to be there for my Nephew’s 4th birthday. I was at the hospital  when he was born, so we have a special bond.  He was beyond excited.  I have only missed one birthday since he was born.

MAY– Came back to Lagos to find my hubstar still boyfriend at the time in the hospital. So I spent a week there with him. Didn’t trust those damn doctors.  He was always holding on to his computer bag and I paid it no mind. Right after he was discharged he said we were going to dinner at the intercontinental.  Eyebrows raised, we don’t do hotel restaurants  generally and he warned me to wear heels. Lol. Giveaway. Some other guy proposed to his gf there that night. He proposed when we got back to his house with his cousin recording  it and his sister made the cake. Lol. He had a fake ring, I didn’t let my emotions  betray me. I planned to have a talk about the ring later. 10 minutes  later he brought out the real ring.

June – it was my birthday  month. My second nephew turned 2 on the 15th. We had a mini celebration.  My birthday was the 20th I turned 21 oops I mean 32. We also got married in the registry on my birthday. We moved in together officially after this. The sisters once again baked us a 2 tier cake for the wedding  and a regular cake for my birthday. We also ordered Mr changs for lunch. We were asleep by 4 pm on the couches. Lol. Also made the decision to stop texturising my hair. And oh Lagos state renewed my approval for the school.

July- pretty uneventful  if I remember. My nephew on my husband’s  side turned 5. Had a backyard to do.

August – hubstar’s birthday, kiki birthday etc. Many birthdays, hosted the family at our place.

September – went to NY again to get my dress and cool off. Made the deposits for Zanzibar, kept ignoring my dad and the planner for the trad. I had finished doing my aso ebi at this point. My college  friends suprised me with a bridal shower. Also did my wedding decor from there.

October – the frenzy started. Got back to lagos, they had another shower for me. I finished my dress fittings for the trad with Phunk Afrique. Paid the makeup artist  etc. 25th of October I was essentially a guest at the 1200 guest traditional wedding my father planned. On Monday morning  cake and 45 guests took off from Lagos to Zanzibar, some real disturbing the peace business. Sea cliff was beautiful.
I decorated  the reception by 12 noon, got a massage at 1pm  hair and makeup by 3.30. Ceremony – dj messed up so we started at 6 pm  instead of 5.30pm. We were done by 6.30pm.  Reception  started right after and we boogied till midnight.
The next day was my Father in Law’s birthday so we had dinner at the resort. My third nephew turned one the day after on 31 October so we sang to him also.

We left Zanzibar on Friday October 31st.

November – Kenya Airways cancelled our connecting flight from Nairobi to Lagos. So they put us up in the Panari hotel in Nairobi.  Funtimes. We got back to Lagos on the 1st.
My brother in law began complaining about body pain. Went to the hospital etc
God called him home on the 29th of November.  We were all heart broken.

December – we laid him to rest. We all skipped town by week 2. I also got a new nephew from one of my brothers.Here we are in London planning new years lunch today. We are having Chinese.

All in all I am grateful. I learnt many things this year and I hope to have a more awesome year in 2015- God willing.

How was your 2014?



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  1. Wow,quite an eventful year u had.
    Unfortunately I can’t claim same,too many lows on my side which i dont wana remember & sound ungrateful to God despite all cos am alive.though I thot it was gonna be otherwise this time last year.hoping for many testimonies next year,I refuse to let the negatives set me back come 2015


  2. You really had an eventful year…. My year was full of calculated risk lol,I told God to take the wheel. Had so many events in all areas of my life,the devil struck but he was too tiny to make any change. I’m glad am ending this year on a beautiful note. Here’s to a more glorious 2015.


  3. Wow, you really had an eventful year. I literally laughed out at the ring part. I thought I was the only one that had plans for a talk if I am given an ugly ring for my proposal.

    The beginning of this year was wonderful for me, I got promoted at work. But from july, things went down in my life. I wish I could delete those aspect of my life sef, but I guess they happened to make me stronger and appreciate alot of things I had going for me.

    But in all, I’m grateful to God for this year and I look forward to 2015 because I am very hopeful that it will be an awesome year for me.


    • There is nothing that says you must accept a certain type of ring. Lol. You just have to be tactful about it. Someone “lost” her ring, but it backfired. She is ringless 6 months later


  4. It’s been an awesome year for me and mine. I truly can’t thank God enough. Small set backs, but the blessings were overflowing this yr.

    Lots of new beginnings. Already excited about good news in 2015. May God keep us till then.

    Happy New Year everyone.


  5. I am new here so pynk what school you plan on opening soon?


  6. 2014 had its ups n downs. Was so depressed at a point in time that I contemplated suicide(glad d devil is a liar). Passed my primaries exam, my broda got married, new job for my sis n I just got a job offer some days back to resume in 2weeks tym


  7. You really did a great job summarising your entire year, shows how involved you are with family, friends and all. It was a bitter sweet year, the wedding and funeral combo. But in all we say thanks to God for everything.
    A toast to 2015, a better year for us all.


  8. My 2014 was good, I am thankful. I did a review too and labelled it highlights and lowlights but then someone left a comment about how there were hardly any lows and I realised they were correct. Looking forward to a better 2015 sha.


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