Sometimes it’s simply the little things that matter. May God grant the families of Air Asia crash comfort. Nothing is worse than grief from death of a loved one. Also may God comfort those who lost loved ones in 2014 and prior.

We simply need to remember that it’s not the big gestures and adventures that matter. Hopscotched  to Hyde Park, took my 3 nephews and niece to the park, we played in the playground for 45 minutes. We also took old bread from the house to feed the birds in the serpentine river. Bless their little cotton socks, they squealed,  screamed,  and laughed. And then ask for more bread. In Nigerian fashion one of my nephews wondered if we could “kill the geese and take them home to cook”. He is only 8 lol.

Hope your week is going well? Hubstar is back today. Yay! I told him I wanted to go to the museums  etc in London and he has offered to go with me. Yippee.  Plans for the week before we go to Somerset (bath) next week as he has work out there for a few days.

Grateful for life, grateful for love and grateful for family.



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  1. Good to know you are having fun. Family is everything,they always find a way to brighten each day. Can’t go anywhere because am down with malaria ): post exam fever but am with my family so everyday is a blessing 🙂


  2. Good to know you are doing great. I have just been low for a while now. I don’t. Know what it is. So much on my mind.

    I’m hoping that I get a miracle soon, some thing to cheer me up.

    Happy New year in advance.


  3. @kiki, I pray you get well soon. @clare,I pray you get ur miracle soon @ mrspynk, just finished discussing dis topic wit my sisters n then I read ur blog to see d same thing. God has been good to us. Ur nephew is a correct naija boy lolz.


  4. Amen to the prayer!
    @kiki,get well soonest & @Clare,pray the miracle comes soonest for u.Amen
    @OAD – Keep enjoying ur hols


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